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  1. ayo Im new to pc but i got like 4k hours in ark on xbox ezpz im just looking for a fresh starting tribe that i can build with grow with and work out the way things work on pc ect im tottally down if you dont have jack all we can build together or if your just getting to a comfortable point also down with that as well. Snufalafagus#5521 . Thats my discord thing. Add me and we can chat maybe ill find a home?
  2. pvp or pve Prefer official but im looking for a fresh tribe to join in help out get big and strong ect i can breed ezpz i can tame ezpz building and farming ezpz. Im used to playing on xbox but recentently switched over to pc so im just looking for some rad dudes. some chill peeps and some fun times and of course to win. because winning matters. if you got a fresh tribe you need new recruits for im yo guy Snufalafagus#5521 <- is my discord name add me or dont.
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