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  1. Same for my cluster server, already had 5 maps, and now with Valguero we got spike lags all the time, even if the others maps still fine. For me the spikes starts with 30ppl and just get worst until reach 60. I've tried the old method of destroying the beehives of the map, some maps had the problem once, with stacking beehives.
  2. PigZilla

    Unplayeble Ark LAG

    Hello! I have a unofficial server with cluster on 4 maps and since the patch 287.110, some casual lag become a constant 255 ping, it happens only in the Extinction Map. The others servers connected with the cluster works fine. I don't know if its something only on my server, because on the day of the release of this patch, some people was complaining about this issue, but i don't see it anymore. I'm having an specific issue? Or more users still having it? Thank you all ps: sorry for my grammar errors, hope you understand
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