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  1. I am unable to find any servers since the update. It was meant to to help but it's actually managed to make things worse
  2. Yes exactly the same for me. Have spoken to other people that were on the same server as me, none of them can find any servers either. Been waiting for an update to fix the issues with the game and instead it makes it worse
  3. Having the same problem. I even started a forum about it. I was told that maybe we have to wait for an update to fix this.
  4. Hi we purchased Ark for the Switch on the day of release. I put the single player settings perfectly to how I wanted the game. Played the game for a very good few hours and when finished I turned off the console. When I switched it back on the settings had reverted to standard. I started again and changed the settings , then when I was finished i turned off the console again. Yet again when I turned it back on the settings had reverted again. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Does anyone know if there is a patch coming to fix this? Any help would be appreciated
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