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  1. thank you for the tipps guys i will get a querz and try it out
  2. is here anyone that has ever successfully tamed a titano ?
  3. sounds pretty hard but if you get it done let me know
  4. we re using 20k hp and 713% dmg born stats rexes
  5. is a rex with 20k hp and 700 dmg born stats enough ?
  6. breeding takes over your reallife
  7. hey guys is it possible to speedfarm metal with a querzal and ankylo like on pvp servers ? im just asking because i cant even pick up small dinos for bringing them into my taming pen.
  8. that sucks happened to me twice. if your on an official server you wont get it back otherwise your on private try to contact the admin.
  9. sitha7

    hey lads

    im a former pvp player starting now in pve just for fun. Breeding building and stuff like that . what sucks in pve is that u cant lift up smaller dinos to bring them home for taming.
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