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  1. Ummm Argentavis are still crashing the server!! Seriously?
  2. Wow!!! Another 7 Gb on my machine and the game doesn't work. I actually believed you guys for a moment... I invested in buying another Xbox X to run a dedicated server. Set me back 500 bucks but I thought it was well worth it to provide a fun place for people to come play. We had one of the most popular servers on prim plus. Since your broken update we have slowly watched all of those people go. I mean who wants to invest time playing a broken game? I have literally done everything I can do to keep the server up and keep our community going. Sometimes that meant literally restarting the server 20 times a day. It is too bad your company does not have the dedication or care for the community like myself and others who run their own server. #Takers
  3. Prim plus is crashing because of the Argentavis again... If you attack one instant server crash... This has happened before.
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