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  1. Raoulfr

    Problem Rock Drake

    In Aberration you can not download Rock Drake from the obelisks. Nor can you spawn from the cryopod the Rock Drake.
  2. I've been thinking, and with the Enforcer you can defend a base of corrupt dinos. The thing is to look at the way you do not go partying Maybe the dinoleash works also if you put a dino in aggressive
  3. The map is beautiful. The plot is interesting. It is perfectly reasonable about the corrupt dinos, but it is not a good idea to let the corrupt dinos get taking for the flying dinos. The theme PVE (player vs. wild dinos) is perfect, but in PVP theme no. The players are taking advantage to catch corrupt dinos and throw them to the bases. The problem is that players use the corrupt dinos to raid.
  4. The solution is very simple. That players can not catch with flyer dinos corrupt dinos.
  5. It makes sense that corrupt dinos can destroy you a house, even a tek house. For that reason, the most logical thing is to build in places where the corrupt dinos can not reach, and place some turrets to kill everything, just in case they come flying corrupt. But the real problem comes when the players use the corrupt dinos to launch them against enemy bases. That's the real problem. Yes, it is true that with the Meka's shield the corrupt dinos do not enter ... but until that point the players are massacred.
  6. The corrupt dinos have too much resistance and make much damage. They have the ability to destroy metal and tek structures. The players are using them to raid. They just have to use a few (depending on the base) and throw them. If the base has the turrets in attacking everything, the corrupt dinos will tank them. Otherwise, the base will be destroyed little by little. Many unofficial server players are saying to leave Ark Survival Evoved if something is not done about it. I hope that they act as soon as possible to avoid the abandonment of the players. Suggestions to solve this problem: - That the corrupt dinos can not be caught by flying dinos. - That the corrupt dinos can not break metal structures and / or tek. - Create an Item that repels the corrupt dinos. Like a small beacon that gives off a sound that makes the corrupt dinos flee without being able to attack structures. Thanks for your time, work and understanding! Keep in that way!
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