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  1. I do have to agree that completing these mission should have been a 1 time thing and the fact they're gone with little to no response from the devs crushes my soul a bit too. I had to work quite hard to get them unlocked and I don't think I can push myself to do it fully again with my current circumstances irl. It's really a shame. I created a bug report on the 9th, after a month of no response finally reached out to wildcard. They said I would have to wait for the devs to respond since they have no control in actually fixing bugs. Lo and behold, today my bug report d
  2. Mine were wiped the same time the gen2 missions were wiped, no response from the devs at all and I had my report up since June 9th. Today it mysteriously doesn't exist anymore. Too bad I was checking it every single day for a response, I bet they hoped it would get deleted without me noticing. No response, super unprofessional.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the case anywhere. Terminals on island only let you craft 1 cryo at a time etc.
  4. I had bug report open for my gen1 missions in the hope that they would be restored.. Posted on June 9th, I checked it every day... Today my report has mysteriously disappeared with no response... not even that it can't be fixed... Gotta love the support of the devs
  5. I'm having a lovely time waiting for my ark to patch after downloading 2 gb. Its been at least an hour since it finished downloading. Anybody have a fix other than leaving my computer on overnight?
  6. From my understanding with management you can assign ranks 0 through 10, with admin being 10+. Ranks can access anything ranked at or below their number. So if you set up an area where everything is rank 3 but have your private or extra supplies in a rank 10 building, they will only be able to access the rank 3 building. You can have as many ranks as you like, but I've seen most big tribes set 3 as the lowest and 8 as the highest without being admin. Tames, dinos, structures etc can all be set to different ranks manually. You can even have one big building where certain rooms are differen
  7. If you're on an official server and taming a knockout tame, the taming will continue and just apply to your tribe. The torpor timer will go down also so be careful that you arent gone if you need to feed the dino narcotics Passive taming may be different depending on the dino, and will probably reset after a set amount of time or if something aggros it
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