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pvp Lost Ark PVP 10x harvest/tame

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We have a PVP server up and running with a 42-member cap will increase as needed. 
At the current time of posting there are usually 22-30 people daily with 4-8 on 16+ hr/ a day.

Discord is incorporated into the server so you can check tribelogs/tribe stats on each person in the tribe and tribe as a whole!

We have all the dinos up to genesis with no additional mods needed to be downloaded.


Random Week-End Events:
Instant Taming
Instant Hatching
Instant Maturation
Unlimited Carry-weight

The Island
Scorched Earth
The Center

10 x Harvest 
10 x Taming/5x passive taming 
10 x Maturing 
10x Incubating 
150 Max wild dino level  

Stat modifiers: 
2x Player Weight
3x Dino Weight
2x Dino Stamina 
Decreased food/water drain 

Silent Structures
Super Spyglass Plus
Net Pro
Improved Egg Incubator (CrossPlay)
Helena Bot Companion

https://discord.gg/bNuWhBUnq3 - Still updating discord to include more channels but hope to see you on here with me! 

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