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pve PTA Parents That Ark

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PTA - Parents That Ark

Looking for a chill server cluster with other parents and gaming couples? 

Parents that Ark (PTA) has been around for over 5 years.
We are a laid back and easy going server cluster with a community that's amazing! 
The owners and admins are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and are active and helpful!

~We currently have 2 ASA maps (running mods).  Island and Scorched
~We have a BBS admin store and a shop mod
~Most of our members are parents and couples, but all are welcome!
~We understand how busy life can get and all help each other out!

This is a PVE Xbox/PC/ Steam/ Playstation cross play server.

Normal Rates:
Mating interval .34
XP 3x
Taming Speed 5x
Gathering 3x
Max level Dino 180

We are a password protected server cluster! 
Join the discord for the password and other helpful server information!

Discord Link - PTA Parents That Ark

PTA Parents That Ark 3.png

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