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Please Consider Fixing The "Radio"  - Multiple Test's from users confirm that The frequencies do not work (Making The item Currently Not Functional)
Their are many reasons i can see for the "Radio" Needing Reworked 
- Some users (console) have reported difficulty Communicating With Cross Platform Users Via Third Party Applications. (A working, in game, long range communication device would Absolutely Fix this, and Relying on a Third Party Application to handle Communications is unreliable in the event of the applications server outages/issues.
- (pvp) Could Add Potential to make Raiding feel more immersive/Realistic and implement Strategy amongst fellow tribemates
- (pve) Allows The Ability To Co-ordinate Between Tribes Living on the same server Via Voice if The "Frequency" Feature Would Function as intended.
( i believe its imperative that this feature still exist in some way should the "Radio" be reworked, as to maintain privacy and "Secure" line's)
-(PVP) Should an "enemy" Tribe somehow Figure out your "Frequency" or have some way to "hack" the "Radio" " Frequency's" Presenting Another Strategy Element And new level of immersion. 

i would love to hear others thoughts and idea's on this topic aswell ❤️ 

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