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PvP Galaxy Ark 15x (wipe when center comes out)


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Check out Galaxy Ark 15x ASA & 100x ASE servers!! Very active admins and shops available!! 
-15x xp ASA, 100x xp ASE
-Boosted gathering
-4 Man tribes with 1 Ally
-Quarterly Wipes (depending on map release)
-Instant Tames
-ASA Max Lvl 300, ASE Max Lvl 600 (wild)
-Easy Craft ASA
-Custom Drops  
-Turret limits; ASA 750, ASE 1200
-Boosted Player Stats 
-Semi-Boosted Dino stats 
-Mods for ASA

Admin is Pitbull_Prince (Discord & PSN
Message him for Discord code or additional information! 😃





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