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pve SE/PC ARKPreservationFJ 100x tame, 500x breed, official difficulty, added dinos

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Hello Survivors!

I created this server to give players a more improved, but still reasonable, online experience that combines the difficulty of the Official Servers but the "creature comforts" such as tame speed and breeding of boosted unofficial servers. I'm new to running gaming servers, so if that is a concern I'd advise to look elsewhere. But if you want to be involved and help me pioneer this server, shape a happy friendly gaming community, and preserve Ark's wonderful online experience, then hop on in and let's have some fun! 

Server is self-ran and owner is an active player.

Server Location is Charlotte NC, United States 

https://discord.gg/KTFvaYvm8t - Join us on discord and get a free level 225 Griffin to get you started!

ARKPreservationFJ (Fjordor PVE)



Add to your steam game server “favorites.” Will show up on ark server selection (in game) under favorites.

Server Features: Added R-Reapers to Rock Drake Cave, Added Sinomacrops, Removed Ichthyornis (I got you bro, you're in good hands), 500x Breed/Maturation (actively tweaking), 100x taming speed, Official difficulty (Same scaling as official servers, lvl 150 wild etc.) 


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