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pvp 1 True Ark [ASA][PVP][50xRates][Insta-Tame][CustomDrops][Crossplay][NoWipe]

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[1 True Ark]
ASA 8man PVP No Wipe



[Server Settings]

50x Cluster
Tribe Limit 8
Alliances Off
Character level 105
Additional levels for Ascension,Chibi and Explore Notes available.

Events & Giveaways

Starter Kit at Red Obelisk

Breeding Timers 3 - 45 minutes

3x's Cave Damage
Cave Flyers On
100 Structure Limit for Platform Saddles.
C4 Attach to dinos on.
Flyers NOT Grounded by C4.
Structures Dont Block Drops.
Special Loot in Beaver Dams/Drops.
High Tier loot per Boss Fight Victory.
No ATV's, Sleeping Bags or Climbing picks
All Engrams Unlocked


Beaver Dams: Black Pearls, Cementing Paste, Silica Pearls, and wood

White Drops: Kibble and Soups

White Rare Drops: Dyes and Skins

Green Drops: Armor and Weapons

Green Rare Drops: Increased Armor and Weapon drops (Higher chance for bp)

Blue Drops: Structures

Blue Rare Drops:  Structure Increased Drops

Purple Drops: Boss Items

Purple Rare Drops: Boss Items

Yellow Drops: Saddles

Yellow Rare Drops: Saddles Increased Drops (Higher chance of bp)

Red Drops: Element, Tek Structures, Tek Suits, and Empty Cryos

Red Rare Drops: Enhanced Red Drop Loot

Green Cave Drops: Increased Armor and Weapon drops (Higher chance for bp)

Blue Cave Drops: Structure Increased Drops

Yellow Cave Drops: Saddles Increased Drops (Higher chance of bp)

Red Cave Drops: Element, Tek Suits, and Tek Structures

Deep Sea Loot Crate: Element and Element Shards

Boss Fights:

Element, Tek Weapons, Tek Saddles (Chance of Bp)

The higher the difficulty the better the rewards. Dragon on all
difficulties will give increased rewards


-Automated Ark
-Shiny! Dinos Ascended
-Utilities Plus
-Upgrade Station
-Any Colour Sets
-MarniiMods Hairstyles
-Cliffans Wardrobe
-Just Be Reasonable!
-Admin Panel
-PVP Scoreboard
-Additions Ascended Archelon
-Additions Ascended Brachiosaurus
-Additions Ascended Ceratosaurus
-Additions Ascended Deinotherium
-Additions Ascended Deinosuchus
-Additions Ascended Xiphactinus
-Awesome Teleporters
-Awesome Elevators
-Starter Kit



We are a brand new cross platform PVP ASA server that plans to grow and be around for a long time. We will be adding all maps day one as they are released by Wild Card and duplicate maps as needed as we grow. Cheating is absolutely not allowed in our servers. All mods added to our server will be tested for balance before they are added to the server. Join us today and help us build a strong community that can grow together.






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  • Ixdemonhunter changed the title to 1 True Ark [ASA][PVP][50xRates][Insta-Tame][CustomDrops][Crossplay][NoWipe]

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