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pve 18+ Lustful Kingdom 10x - Crossplay/Cluster - PVE/RP - Lots of Mods!

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Lustful Kingdom Invite you and your friends to come play on our server!

I am dedicated to making our server amazing and enjoyable for long-term play!
Server will be a cluster!

(No Wipes)
So the Player level 135 Grind Is worth It!

75 + Mods!

Server Config Worked from the ground up!
Lustful Kingdom 10x
Crossplay / Cluster
Xbox / PS / PC

Our Mods Highlights

Nude Mod
Cliffs Wardrobe
Human Npcs
Lots of Additions Dinos
Indoms Rex / Raptors
Better Breeding / Easy Mutations
Net Projectile

Lustful Kingdom 10x - Crossplay/Cluster - PVE/RP
Shader Mod (Very Pretty)
Long Range Photo Mode
Flyer Speed Leveling
Player Speed Leveling
Boosted Player Stats
Stronger Creature Adjustments (Alpha/Gigas/Carchar)
10x Explorer Notes
10x Harvesting
10x Taming
10x Mature - 10x Incubation - 100% Imprint
Tribe Limit: 10
Alliances/War - Enabled (Testing)
Max Character Level: 105 (190 with Ascensions/Chibi)
Max Wild Dinosaur Level: 200 (Wild)
Max Dinosaur 
Tek 230 (Wild)
Max Dinosaur 
Wyvern/Deinon/Magma 225 (Wild)
Wild Dinosaur Wipes Every 4 Hours
Boosted Supply Drops
All Platforms Compatible!

Voting System Enabled With Rewards!

In game shop (WiP)

Our Discord - https://discord.gg/Z5S39ZXPym
Our Website - https://lustfulkingdom.com/
Our Server On  - ark-servers.net

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