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pve [ASA] [PvE] 8x ALL - 3 MAPS! The ISLAND, SCORCHED & SVARTALFHEIM! Team6ixGaming!


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PvE Server Names:

Team6ixGaming/8xAll/The Island


Team6ixGaming/8xAll/Scorched Earth

:Stamina:Find us in the Unofficial PC Sessions List :Stamina: 


  • 8x Harvesting
  • 8x Level
  • 8x Breeding
  • 8x Hatch Speed
  • 8xx Taming
  • Custom drops
  • Custom Stacks

Other Information:

  • Max Wild Dinos 150
  • Max Player Level 125
  • Unlimited Survivor and tame weight
  • Survivor Oxygen increased by x99,999
  • Survivor Stamina Increased by x2
  • Survivor Health increased by x1.5
  • Survivor Fortitude increases by 99,999 per point spent
  • Crafting Skill x20,000
  • Crop growth speed x100


  • FULL listing of our rules and guidelines on our Discord over at

The best way to stay up to date with the server and community is to  join our Discord! https://discord.gg/sGXwN83mgh

You will find all the server info, events, tournaments and also other helpful information on our discord!

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