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pve ArkGartha | PvP / PvE | TheIsland | Modded | Crossplay | No Wipes

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Hey there, fellow ARK explorers! We're a community of seasoned players, and we're excited to dive back into the adventure with the release of Ascended! Join us for some ASA PvP and/or PvE—oh, and just a heads up, we've got separate servers for PvP and PvE. We're rolling out the red carpet for both Xbox and Playstation players, as our servers are compatible!
Now, let's talk Discord — picture it as our virtual living room. It's super friendly and incredibly helpful, so don't be shy — come on by! Are you new to Ark? No worries! We've got experienced long-term Ark players who are here to help guide you through the ropes, share tips, and make your experience a blast. Whether you've got questions or concerns, or you just want to share a laugh with our awesome community, join our Discord using the link below.
Join our Discord  >  Click here to join!
➤ The Island PvP - Wiped: 02/13/24
➤ The Island PvE
➤ Scorched Earth PvP - Wiped: 04/01/24
➤ Scorched Earth PvE
[Coming Soon] The Center - (on the day it's released) [PvP & PvE]
More to come when released!
How to join:
➤ From the JOIN GAME screen, make sure you're on the UNOFFICIAL tab
➤ Check the SHOW PLAYER SERVERS checkbox
➤ Search for: ArkGartha
PvP Sever Name:
ArkGartha - PvP - TheIsland - 3XP / 5H / 6T / 8B - (Wiped: 02/13/24)
ArkGartha - PvP - Scorched Earth - 3XP / 5H / 6T / 8B - (Wiped: 04/01/24)
PvE Server Name:
ArkGartha - PvE - TheIsland - 3XP / 3H / 8T / 30B
ArkGartha - PvE - Scorched Earth - 3XP / 3H / 8T / 30B
Super Spyglass Plus
Custom Dino Levels
TG Stacking Mod 1000-50
Automated Ark
PvP Scoreboard
Utilities Plus
Custom Dino Levels
Classic Glider Ascended
Pelayori's Cryo Storage
Solo Farm Mod
Death Recovery Mod
Snow Owls
TG Stacking Mod 1000-50
Cliff Platforms
Upgrade Station
Flame Arrows
Super Spyglass Plus
MarniiMods Hairstyles
Auto Doors
Net Projectile
Arkitect Structures Remastered
Dino Mindwipe
Improved Egg Incubator (CrossPlay)
Shiny! Dinos Ascended
MarniiMods Hairstyles
Edited by Arcruple
Added PvP + PvE Scorched Earth Maps
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