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pve [ASA] [AUS] [CLUSTER] [PVE] Kryp's Ark Of Fun!


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We are a small community who have been actively hosting Ark servers for over 5 years, with a player base located primarily within Australia.
Our server is privately hosted
, to join ensure the check box in the server menu "Show Player Server" is ticked
We're a friendly
, welcoming group and invite everyone to make our server their home!

The Island
Scorched Earth
The Centre
Cross server chat, with Discord plugin enabled.
More to be added!

Cryopod nerf disabled (cryopods useable anywhere without fridge)
Cross-Play Enabled
Flyer Pickup enabled
Levelling of movement speed enabled - Players
& Tames, including Flyers!
Customised Player stats
- 2x Weight, 1.3x Speed, 1.25x Fortitude
Microraptors disabled
2x Harvest
3x Taming
12x Maturation
20x Egg Hatch
Increased Imprinting Stats
(more % per imprint, more frequently and less total imprints needed)

Player = 105 (+15 ascension) (+5 chibi) (+10 with notes) Max of 135
= 150 Tamed = 224 (+88 with leveling)

Super Structures
Dino Levels
(Even Spread = more high level dinos)
Event mods added
/removed in line with official servers.
Solo Farm
MarniiMods Hairstyles
Cliffans Wardrobe
Master Crafting Table (until SS updates with crafting table)
Atlas Creatures: Felis


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Updated server name and settings.
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