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Looking for other Members or Tribes to merge with


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Who are we?

So last month the same as most individuals me and my tribe members (also close friends irl) made the jump to ASA. There are currently three of us in total (myself included) with the later addition of two others. Myself and my tribe have over 3k hours combined. We are all very advanced players through both PvP and PvE servers. Having killed all end game bosses and taken part in numerous alpha tribes, as well as taking down a lot also. 😜



What are we looking for you may ask? The truth is, we aren’t like other players. We don’t care if you’ve been playing since release, played 1k hours or if you and your new local buddies Bob and Human have just started out and tamed your first lvl 8 dodo. Right now we’re looking for numbers, opportunities to grow. We want to go on this experience together. With the end goal becoming an alpha tribe to then becoming thee alpha of all alpha tribes. Every single one of of us is not scared to get our hands dirty, we all understand the mechanics of the game l. With the main mechanic being grinding. Unfortunately for the games sake, we all have a weird like for this mechanic. All we ask of you is that your willing to chip in, grow our PvP empire with us and most of all have fun. 

Over to you;

So if you (solo), a couple or a group of you are interested in merging with both ourselves and others, then don’t hesitate to message me and reach out. I will always reply as soon as possible. 
Just send me a little bit of information on yourself/ves and we can get on our way..

- Nationality.

- Age.

- Experience.

- Hours played.

We look forward to hearing from you all and potentially making future friendships!

Feel free to hit me up on my discord: Wanglock#8577

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