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Being Harrassed and even Threated in Game. PVE

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Hello all.

I thought id write this in General so most ppl could see it.  

We had to open tickets the other day as a tribe on our server which I wont name as I am not sure we can or not.  Asked for our tribe in chat, the very first comment we received from anyone was a Big F swear.  We asked what merited this and they continued to swear at us. Eventually telling us we are pillaring the entire map. Now took awhile to get that info. but we asked what we pillared. they refused to tell us.   My tribe took the western waterfall before the snow up top and below and the cliff to the left where the  drop occurs.  We have 4 members with more incoming maybe depending on the outcome of the GMS.  My base is at the Main river by the beavers on the cliffside.  The accuser visits often then flys away.  


Whenever I or someone in my tribe gets in game, this person always accuses us and tells others to report us of pillaring.  We have no idea his issue but we only take what we are using / building on, he refuses to tell us.  We are not taking entire forests or mountains or anything.  I didnt  pillar near the beaver spawn b4 someone asks but quite a bit up the land from them.  


One day upon entering all the pillars we put down were deleted by a GM, they did it while we were on, didnt talk to us or anything, a description in the log saying quite a few different things it could have been but we are still not sure.  First one is Excessive pillaring, 2nd blocking a base, list goes on  but it seemed just a copy/paste vague statement.. we weren't near anyone's base or excessive pillaring.  What is the correct amount of pillars to put down? We didnt put down tons everywhere, or tons near one another.  My tribe mate put in a  ticket and was told by a GM they didnt have time to look at everything on the map.  I guess meaning they just auto deleted our pillars rather than looking  at the location doing any actual work..

I put in a few tickets but they were auto solved without any feedback on their decision. we wanted to know what happened and if there was an issue how could we prevent it again, we are willing to work on whatever needs done.

We continued to try again and pillar this time even smaller than before

Still whenever I or a tribe mate enters same guy telling everyone to report us, there are a lot of young ppl on here that just take things at face value and are now chipping in telling others to do the same.  This would be Harassment would it not?  Well the GM told us  its not harassment that ppl can tell others to report you for whatever.  I would think telling others to false report is literally under the Code of Conduct which it is saying this would be indeed false reporting and going above and beyond to get others to do the same. Though others in game have seen our locations and told us there isnt an issue.

I come on today and find the same guy pillared behind my personal base, when i call him out he denies it yet i have the pics. they went all behind and into a forest.  started getting upset acting like a keyboard warrior when other people told him to stop puffing his chest when he then decided to Threaten me online that he would punch the S*** out of me and to meet him in his Country, etc...  I am 40 and too old for this..     so I am being threatened now and took a picture of it.    He started picking up his pillars but i got some pictures of it that were behind me.  I guess he didnt like other ppl telling him basically to cut it out.

Yet i have no faith in the GMs at this point.  I reported it today as I already have in the past, it just keeps getting worse with him, he even reports some others but ONLY in prime locations.  Basically he wants my spot on the map.  He build right across the river from me and behind me, threatens to report me daily and tells people apparently in the server discord to also report me and in game.  I am pretty quiet in game and love helping ppl as I did in ASE but we already lost our pillars once without a real explanation,  I really dont understand these types of people, but the GMS already sided with him once without talking with our tribe or looking at the pillars at all. I feel i threw my money away playing this game a second time.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Mainly I just wanted to talk about it.    


All replies welcome good or Negative. no worries

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