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  • saraba changed the title to NO OPTION TO DISABLE BATTLEYE REQUIREMENT FROM our rented SERVER????

I submitted a ticket at Nitrado to turn Battleye off and was told:

"Hello Rubadub, Thank you for your support request. Currently there are no settings for this and we have to wait for further progress from the game developer. If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at any time. Otherwise, have a nice day. Regards"

How does this make sense? I can start and play the game with Battleye disabled but it cannot be disabled server side? This was not the case with other server hosts in ASE. This is a deal breaker for me and my small group.

Is this true that Wildcard did not ship the server files with this option or is Nitrado just gaslighting me?

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:(  I got the same message..   wow..   Realy?   I just KNEW this was going to be a ClusterF.c... k    of a mess..   
NiTards now have the rights to WildCard and seems they hold all the cards now..  :(    

BUT ..  a small  glimps of hope.. on the NiTard discord.   I was told this...

"Hey, we're working hard to give you the option. Currently there's techincal difficulties, that prevent us from giving you the option, I'm afraid. I'm hoping Monday, but can't promise anything"


Fingers crossed .. but I think NiTard'o  has other things to worrie about once :poop: hits the fan about the whole ..  NOpe you cant host your own server cluster without TardO's permission..  and the requirements are Asinine..  to say the least..  
We were all deceived.   :(

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I Got the same problem. Battleye won't even work on my PC (no idea why) So unofficials are the only way I can play the game. Now my rented server is just sitting there. This is all I was told by Nitrado "Support": This is being reviewed by Nitrado and Studio Wildcard but we have no additional details we can provide at this time. Please take a look at the developer's social media platforms and official community forums for the latest updates.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon so we can all enjoy our game!

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