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Process frozen: GameThread timed out waiting for RenderThread after 120.00 secs


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Do you know how to solve this error?

I saw on discord and steam forum that we are a lot having this problem.

Game freezes on character creation, or spawn region menu, or at best on loading character (at best I managed to stay in the game for 5 seconds).

I have:
16gb ram, good 5 years i5, rtx 3060.

I tried:
Low settings
Install geforce experience and update the driver
Game on unofficial / official / solo games

Always the same result.

I watched task manager (W10) when entering in the game:  before the spwan ingame and until the freeze 5sec after the character's arrival : high cpu and less than 5% gpu. (it doen't use my gpu?)


Thanks for help.

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Same issue for me. dependency walker show issues on some dll, I udpated PATH, even install a new W11, still not able to play. Probaly because of CPU : I5-4690 (GPU ok RTX 3060)CrashContext.runtime-xmlBreadcrumbs_RHIThread_0.txtUEMinidump.zipCrashReportClient.ini


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