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The Launching of a New ARK RP Server! Drops this Friday! Xbox One / PC


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Hello! I'm fairly new to ARK in a whole. I've tried my hand at some ARK RP servers and I must admit I'm a rather big fan now.

Creating a new world! Developing, Trading, Battling and just progressing through the game as someone a part of a Tribe .. Prolly some of the most fun I've had in a long time on a game with friends!

After doing some research, checking out some different ARK servers to get and fuel my Ideas.. I have decided to open an ARK server of my own!

I love Greek Mythology.. Gladiator Era. So this is the theme of it! So the Admins of my server as well as I are all Greek Gods.

We help players, create events and quests for players alike to join in on and complete! And of course, there are rewards for completing God Quests as well as Being in the top 3 for events!

You start out on the beach.. Itching your arm just like any other ARK beginning. You locate your place of preference and you begin your life! As you progress through the game, in our discord we have set goals for players to reach for and complete in order to level up yourself, you tribes level.

Leveling yourself up will grant you rewards such as better engrams, obtaining beneficial items for you and your tribe to use to improve your resource harvesting, damage output/input and more!

With us being so new, the only downfall is we only have about 60-70 players in the Discord.. So I figured I'd try to reach out to Reddit and see if I can't come and find some new players who are just as enthusiastic about ARK as the rest of us!

The new, freshly wiped server will launch this Friday at 3pm Western, 6pm Eastern.

If you feel like you'd like to test the waters and or are up for a fun, grindy challenge with Custom Created Classes, a Whole discord community.. Then please give us the benefit of the doubt and come to check it out!

It's a US Server with 70 slots!
Join our Discord!      : hzKDHxN8g

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