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Mosquito – Burmaculex Antiquus – A Cure for Corruption




Name: Mosquito

Species Name: Burmaculex Antiquus

Time Period: Late Cretaceous to Modern Day

Diet: Omnivorous

Temperament: Territorial



Mosquitoes have been around for millions of years.  According to fossil records, one of the oldest known mosquitoes, Burmaculex Antiquus, dates back to the late Cretaceous.  While there isn’t much information on the prehistoric ancestors of mosquitos, we can assume they were no different from their modern-day descendants. Since these creature votes require a prehistoric animal to be submitted, I have chosen Burmaculex Antiquus for the species since there is more information on the wiki about it than others. The question is; what would it be like in Ark?  Since this submission is geared toward creating an exclusive creature for Extinction, there is an opportunity to play with the creature’s abilities.  Perhaps due to the element that has infected the world, the mosquito has had to evolve into something different in order to survive like the gasbag.  So, here’s my take on the mosquito if it came to the map.

Note: If you're wondering about the omnivorous thing, apparently mosquitoes drink plant juices as well as animal blood. I don’t know if only some species do this, or all can. Just wanted to add it in.

Wiki page on Mosquito: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosquito

Wiki page on Burmaculex Antiquus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burmaculex_antiquus




Found in the wastelands of extinction, Mosquitoes could be found flying around water sources.  About the size of Meganeura or Titanomymra, the creatures in the area don’t seem to notice when the bugs attach themselves to their bodies and feed off them.  Not even the more violent corrupted variations seem to mind.  What is odder is that the mosquitoes would rather go for the nearest corrupted creature than the regular ones. Once the mosquitoes have had their fill, they would return to a nest and deposit what they have collected.  Unlike bees, several mosquitos would occupy the nest without a queen. 

When survivors approach the mosquitoes, they may or may not bother to attach themselves depending on what players have on them.  Element or Tek-based equipment would attract them and if they latch on to the survivor, they would not only lose health slowly but durability or energy from their equipment.  Like with leeches, the way players would remove them would be to use a campfire or heat source to burn the suckers off.  Or use Bug Repellant.  Attacking them would provoke them to attack and the survivors may find themselves being swarmed.  Harvesting them when killed would yield chitin and raw meat with a rare chance of corrupted nodules which also drop from corrupted creatures.



When it comes to taming a mosquito, the idea would be to tame them with offerings.  This offer would be corrupted nodules or other element-based resources such as dust, shards, ore, or just element itself.  The mosquito would attract itself to the survivor and consume the element resource.  Depending on which element is used in the taming process would be more effective.  Dust being the least and element the most. Very similar to Bloodshalkers and Desmodus.

Note: Considering how dangerous the wastelands are with corrupted creatures spawning rapidly, I didn’t want to make the taming too complex.




Once Tamed

Once tamed, the mosquito could be carried around like a shoulder pet.  In its inventory, the survivor would be able to craft a mosquito nest that the creature can inhabit.  Placing it down like a beehive, the survivor could assign a maximum of 5 to 10 mosquitoes to it. Unlike the bees, the bugs would be able to leave the nest if the survivor wishes and the nest could also be destroyed without destroying them. After being assigned to a nest, mosquitoes would fly off to feed on creatures.  Bringing back corrupted nodules. 

Inside the nest, corrupted nodules would start appearing as the mosquitoes go to work.  Not only would it be a way of generating the polymer substitute but over time, the nest would turn it into a new resource called Liquefied Element.  This resource would be used in serval different ways such as powering Tek-based structures, fuel for generators and equipment, and creating element.



The main reason why I chose the mosquito was to find a way of taming corrupted creatures other than through mods.  I doubt that the devs would allow us to tame corrupted creatures in the usual ways (depending on the species), so I came up with an idea to make it possible. 

As previously stated, Mosquitoes would go out into the world and find the nearest corrupted creature to feed from. What if the mosquitoes would not only harvest the corrupted nodules from the creature but also cure it, slowly turning the creature into a regular version?  Thus, allowing survivors to tame it. How could we see that the purification process is happening?  Visually speaking, we would see the purple corruption of the creature slowly disappear.  Using a spyglass or magnifying glass to see what percent the creature has been purified. 

Alternatively, instead of changing into a regular creature, the mosquitoes would turn the creature into a purified version.  Changing the corrupted purple color into a purified blue.  It would not be tamed afterward though.  The survivor would have to tame it the usual way.

Either way, if the creature was left alone for too long, the corruption would return.



It's more than likely players would rather have a bigger and rideable version of the mosquito.  Capable of attaching itself to a corrupted creature like the Deinonychus and drinking its fluids. However, I felt like it would be too similar to the Rhyniognatha in appearance since it would be another giant rideable bug.  So, I opted for something smaller, giving it a supporting role.  The purpose overall was to find a way of making a creature that allowed us to tame corrupted creatures which would not only allow players to tame high levels but possibly a new variant.

But this is just my take on the Mosquito.  What do you think?

Note: It came down between the Mosquito or Chickenosaurus for this submission and truth be told, the latter was silly.

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