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Diabloceratops - Corrupted Ceratopsian



I had a drawing of what I wanted this creature to look like but the file size is too large unfortunately. Regardless of that, Diabloceratops is an endgame creature built for battle and speed. Its horns can pierce through armor as well as scare away large creatures with its mighty bellow. As usual everything is subject to change by Wildcard so this is just a general idea.



I have never seen a ceratopsian be so angry at the world. The mere existence of any living thing within a 100 feet or so makes a Diabloceratops absolutely furious! The element running through their veins like blood allows them to charge at insane speeds and crash through even tek structures. Their element powered horn attacks and mighty stomps can sear and burn armor and creatures alike. The savage roar of these monstrous ceratopsians causes weakness in even the strongest of creatures. I do wonder if they can be tamed.


Diabloceratops cannot actually be tamed as adults as they are too resilient for tranquilizers and far too aggressive for passive feeding. You must find a fertilized egg to steal and hatch just like Wyverns. The baby will not be passive and will be wild and aggressive, attacking you, your tames, and your tribemates! To soothe its rage you simply feed it honey. However this will only work until they reach adolescence because their aggression overwhelms the effects of the honey and it will become aggressive again. This time you must use a chain bola the beast. Keep in mind that they can easily decimate the ballista turret even when they're young. When immobilized by the chain bola, they can be fed bio toxin and thus be knocked out. And to wrap it all up you just feed the beast some extraordinary kibble, element, or corrupted nodules and it will be tamed. When fully grown, these beasts make for the perfect war mounts to raid enemies' bases.


Diabloceratops has a tek saddle that allows it to run faster and use up less stamina.

It's roar scares away smaller creatures and weakens the damage of large creatures.

Its horn attacks pierce armor and its capable of damaging tek with its charge attack.

It is also capable of burning away at armor, structures, and opponents using the power of element.

Is capable of eating meat due to adapting to the harsh wasteland environment and lack of food.

Diabloceratops also receives a small damage bonus when its in a group.


(This image is from google but my drawing was similar other than the fact that it was blue with a purple version of the blue marks that managarmrs have on their underbodies, as well as spikey plates on its tail and legs as well as larger horns, just try and picture it if you want since I can't attach it)

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