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Majungasaurus: Corrupted devourer



Name: Majungasaurus crenatissimus

Time: Late cretaceous

Diet: Carnivorous

Temperament: Unpredictable



Majungasaurus crenatissimus is a formidable creature to come across, despite it being just smaller than an allo, but don't let its size fool you. The majungasaurus hangs around in the deadlands areas between bio-domes, and if that wasn't weird enough, it's favourite prey is the corrupted dinos that inhabit the area, tending to feed on corrupted carno's and stego's the most. When you come across this creature however, you best prey that there aren't any corrupted dinos in the area, as after consuming enough corrupted flesh, it goes into a frenzy, and don't think that because you're not corrupted it won't go after you, just because you're not its favourite, doesn't mean it won't eat you. Your best saving grace once it enters this frenzy is to either kill it or wait until it ends. Once its frenzy is over, it will become tired and start to move very slowly making it vulnerable to predators and maybe even taming?


Taming method:

If you yourself want to tame this beast you must use the knowledge you have of other taming methods on this beast, mainly that of the Carcha and Amarg, requiring you to first drag the bodies of dead corrupted dinos up to it in order to fill its frenzy meter, once in this state, you must lead it to corrupted dinos to kill in order to raise taming effectiveness, you do this by waving a corrupted torch, made with a torch and 5 corrupted nodules. once it exits this frenzied state, it will become tired and weakened, allowing you to passively feed it corrupted nodules, preferring them over even the best of kibbles, but be alert, as other dinos may use this time to try and take it out. (Note: if the Majunga is hit whilst in its frenzy it will not lose taming effectiveness)


Once tamed, you have a formidable friend to help you conquer the corrupted land between you and the biodomes, possessing abilities including: 

Bite: Medium damage

Charged bite: High damage and bleed (10s cooldown)

Headbutt: Medium damage, high knockback

Cosmetic roar: A cool roar

Corrupted healing: Increased healing after eating corrupted flesh


Frenzy: Eating corrupted dinos will charge a frenzy meter. Once filled, the Majunga will have a minor damage increase overall and do triple damage to any corrupted dino, however once frenzy mode has ended, it will be around a minute before it can get into another frenzy

After taming, it will also gather corrupted nodules better than other dinos and increase their spoil timer to.

Overall, with the Majungasaurus roaming between the biodomes, expect to see less corrupted dinos than normal, and if you own one, get ready to dominate the deadlands.



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