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Dacentrurus: the mobile generator with gear upgrading features



() Introducing Dacentrurus, the mobile generator and temporary gear upgrader


Tags: generator , gear upgrades , potential boss fighter 


DISCLAIMER: PLEASE read through the entire submission before voting for this creature, since there may be mechanics and features you might miss if you vote on design alone. I also encourage you to do this for every other submission you see as well, so you can make a truly educated vote for what you would actually like to see in the game.



Common Name:Dacentrurus

Species: Dacentrurus Fulgur

Time: Early Cretaceus 

Diet: Herbivore 

Temperament: Neutral




Greetings, survivors! I introduce to you the living generator and gear upgrader ; the Dacentrurus!


The foundational ideas and selling points for this creature include:

  • Role as a high damage , decent health support mount 

  • mobile generator

  • temporary upgrades for weapons,saddles and clothing

  • good harvester

  • potential boss fighter



  • Primary Attack (_vHGyCBWgU9QEg3vWpzpNCDlCNyyLBPbJYgzZ2zpOrlK6vbEYSWTFp28aBqrKyyYzOPSqaMULjhCrZmZXIPgFGwjEwisptuxsyhiujl_uYSQwGZYAEg2y8WE7Rv2Ly377rUO89u3LLvEalDduIYPxzg, TqT406bYNEOd92El91VNf_HrD0i081KIECMcWYkIrc9dg4zN-z8caBjiD0yEBrw5YwPrKjxBjhhMUv5KnhQqYQRjvmf-NkA10131NzTWeHAC6laRNf_ZDZAXRkohMnAuSjWW1ujgmZr_UIvyGeLXbsY, DoNCxfeRQZJKDDRa0Jz2LyPvOS5eNJk1549xV6_drnqY7AANVje6gYjS8kHCGurj0divLLSTIFyH6ybU2b149ukF5OItRhR_PzwdL0_jvWk1napG482cLnUQqkwPFBIIqCuavOmrueAWg3tiCB-MIXc): tail attack with that goes through armor

  • Secondary Attack (_7tWtJK23vq_PSNZ7D5Qzg1bcWuQg7QjXaHF4z6HWom7XoOkMQI2lRQT7efViTDXLOqqR7Z-M9JFsyNs_BTro6cHQeVLEewiBsosJQ6zjcdssw-0qYGNyazb-cSUOlUBXY03YhfsAN2C0K9HWJnLUSQ, skDxm_S1FdE49ihjVcbQWSUGgC9CJPt8RV2h5FouUO7AZO47f1cpMrFtbHNtotSoZl2SLCSaI3tFYDjfTGq8l6A9EMTj95ShrjzyykJPTfzdQ1jpdTMf1J3dKmF_UckiRJf89GwHnORYhMbJuvb14Z4, yP8c8AlqNVzQ_BYOtB_TBO4V7qtlKg9veo2NvOb7lxwOLHHbCdkEspPx7tlq2k5LCx52W0hSMAXi6Z4dtf_blbLL5whK8RRQvHJJcsJYCxJAhMm0F-zS4hPERutaaJSL9VQYVfi3A8gU4t2bm1oqrhE ): electricity wave that stuns enemy creatures in close proximity (needs at least 50% charge to work)

Passive Abilities:

  • herd boost: boosting the damage of every herbivore around it

  • wireless generator power . has to be 100% charged

  • plate and spike  shedding 

Fuel and charge:

Due to the dacentrurus’es highly corrosive stomach acid it can digest many of this world’s energy sources , turning them into pure energy that then is being broadcasted through it’s solar panel like plates 

Fuel items:

oil- it is digested in moderate speed, providing small coverage area and medium charging

sulfur- digested slowly it provides a medium coverage area and charging slowly

gasoline- the fastest digesting  there is , medium coverage area with also the fastest charging speed

propellant- digested in moderate speed , big coverage area with medium charging speed

element shards-being digested fast , it provides a large coverage area with quick charging speed . it also is the only resource that can power tek


Similar to the carcharodontosaurus , dacentrurus also has a bar but instead of being called blood rage it is called charge bar, depending on the type of fuel resource you are using it can be replenished at different speeds. the charge is used for the dacentrurus’es abilities and to display when it’s going to broadcast the power to the structures


Temporary gear upgrading:

Occasionally the dacentrurus would shed it’s plates and spikes that can be picked up and put as an attachment to your gear , they brake when taking/dealing damage so they are not permanent 



-slightly but noticeably adding durability and armor to your gear and addles. adding 20 more armor to saddles , 30 more durability to weapons and 20 more armor and 30 dura for clothing

- the saddle and clothing plate attachment can be broken in about 10-15 hits


-increasing the damage output of your saddled creatures and weapons by 40 for the next 10 hits

for example:creature/weapon with 145% melee goes to 185% 


Taming Process:to tame it you need to feed it any of the fuel items, the higher quality it is the better (they go by-oil<gasoline<sulfur<propellant<element shards) until it overcharges and knocks itself out.

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