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Stegodon(Ancient elephant with very long tusks)



Stegodon is an extinct genus of proboscidean, related to elephants. It was originaly assigned to the family Elephantidae along with modern elephants but is now placed in the extinct family Stegodontidae.


In the game, they mainly act in packs of three, with the higher level being the leader, and the entire pack will always receive a pack buff.

They are normally neutral, but when attacked, the whole group becomes hostile and attacks in groups.

Also, at this time, the leader may attack the enemy all at once after giving a "menacing roar" that reduces stamina, fear, loss of fighting spirit, and movement speed reduction.

This ancient elephant has much longer tusks than mammoths and can use its tusks to skewer enemies with a bleeding effect, making them effective against larger creatures such as Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus.

Also, if there is a carnivore nearby, a buff called "Carnivore Killer" will be given.

This buff deals twice as much damage to carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus, and by combining the pack buff with this carnivorous killer buff, even large creatures such as Tyrannosaurus can be easily defeated. can.

Taming method

It will be a tame with a special method called "fighting together tame".

This is a taming method similar to Amargasaurus. First, approach the leader individual and give him a "Sweet Vegetable Cake" to get them to fight together.

Then all the herd will follow the player, but from here is the real taming.

It is to subdue hostile carnivorous animals and raise the Taming Gauge.

However, it is important to note that if you subdue non-hostile carnivores such as herbivores, omnivores, Dire Bears and Beelzebufo, the taming gauge will reset and the Stegodons will all attack at once.

So, mainly defeat hostile carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus to increase the taming gauge.

Also, after defeating a hostile carnivore, you can restore health with Sweet Vegetable Cake, and after giving it, the taming gauge will increase easily, so you need to give Sweet Vegetable Cake to all the herds to heal them.

In addition, when the taming is completed, the whole group will be tamed as it is.

After taming

A dedicated saddle that can be ridden, and acting in a pack grants a pack buff.

Of course, the individual with the higher level will be the leader.

Moreover, when the leader moves, all the individuals in the group may ignore the player's instructions and follow automatically.

If you want to act alone, we recommend that you act as an individual that is not the leader.

Also, just like in the wild, if there are carnivorous animals nearby, a buff called "carnivorous killer" will be given, and the leader will reduce stamina, fear, lose fighting spirit, and slow movement speed to the enemy at this time. You can also roar.

It is also an excellent carrier as it can harvest a large amount of Wood, Straw and Fiber and cuts the weight of Wood, Straw, Fiber and Stone, Flint and Metal by 90%.

In addition, they are extremely faster than mammoths, have high fighting power from the beginning, and are almost the strongest when acting in a group, so you can take them to boss battles.

A tamed Stegodon herd can then merge with another tamed Stegodon herd, with the highest level individual from the merged herd becoming the leader.

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The idea of a new elephant-like creature isn't a bad one, and your dossier is simple but really nice. The art drives the point home.
I do feel it's not different enough from the Mammoth we already have, and agree with the suggestion above to drop a tusk every once in a while (maybe at the cost of a lot of health ?) to be used as a weapon/spear.

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