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giant seal Hadrokirus, ARK’S STEAMPOWERED MEGA SEAL




Species: Hadrokirus Hydrostus 

Time: Late Miocene

Diet: Carnivore/Piscivore

Temperament: Relaxed/Predatory

Any art or dossiers are welcomed.

Hadrokirus should be a mid to late game tame. I think I’d be cool for it to spawn in a variety of locations. The Center is a watery map that has a lot of beach and artic places, feels like it just fits a seal.


Hearing barking or bellowing out on the glaciers or beaches of The Center is not uncommon, you’re around a pod of Hadrokirus. These giant seals rule the beaches and the coasts of the arctic. They can be seen in pods of 1 male and 4 females with babies scattered about. They are lumbering, a sight to behold with the males being the largest of the pod. They spend their time on land lounging, sleeping, and playing, even picking the player up before dropping them.

But Hadrokirus must eat a lot to sustain their body fat. So, when entering the water, Hadrokirus becomes a super predator, attacking and eating anything within there, including humans. When encountering a pod of hunting Hadrokirus, one will go to the surface and let out a bellow that can be heard for miles, aggroing all Hadrokirus in the pod. They’ll rip you apart and pick you up (not playfully) and drown you. If the prey puts up more of a fight, the Hadrokirus will use its STEAM BREATH that melts flesh and boils whatever it’s attacking.



Hadrokirus are docile on land but aggressive in water. One might think to feed it on land, but Hadrokirus isn’t hungry when on land and way too aggressive to hand feed in water. Tranqs don’t work as its blubber is too tough, however, you can use its playful and predatory behavior against it. Putting tamed Kairuku on passive flee will excite Hadrokirus as they love the chase and taste of Kairuku. Chasing, attacking and eating the Kairuku will slowly fill its taming, so you’ll need a lot of penguins. The longer the Kairuku lasts, the more taming you’ll get, so high heath Kairuku are essential.



Hadrokirus utilizes steam in its hunting and intimidation. Once tamed, the STEAM BREATH is a devastating weapon while also offering utility. Steam uses water, Hadrokirus must drink water to fill its bar, or you can manually give it water through water skins, jars, and canteens. The steam does a lot of damage, burning everything in front of it, and the steam can even damage the rider (if the saddle protects the player like the Andrewsarchus or Magmasaur, you’ll be fine). The steam will linger for 8 seconds and will do even more damage underwater, this takes a lot of water and stamina.




Hadrokirus has a special saddle that acts as a fabricator but is much more expensive. Those willing to spend will be granted with a fully working steam engine that can convert water into power. Having the Hadrokirus saddle on and near electronics will power them like a generator. The water drains much slower than a generator and has much greater range. It even protects the player from the cold but not the heat.



When a Hadrokirus dies its body take days to weeks to decompose, and far away carnivores will sense it and make their way towards it. This might make a Hadrokirus corpse look like a hazard, but when a carnivore feeds, due to the fat, blubber, and nutrient rich meat, the carnivore will become full and turn neutral. This is Hadrokirus’ satisfaction debuff. To Rex, to Spino, to Allo, to Raptor, almost every wild carnivore will become neutral and not attack you (you can use this to trap\tame carnivores easier). If a human consumes the meat, they will gain increased health regen, weight, and fortitude.



Hadrokirus are experts in digesting fish and Kairuku. Able to consume meat, bones, and skin while deposing of unwanted waste, like black pearls and blueprints.

Kairuku = a small amount of black pearls.

Fish = a chance of getting blueprints.

Hadrokirus have decent carry weight and water speed, but horrible land speed.

They are tough with thick blubber to resist bullets and bites, immune to any ice attack, and cannot be frozen. Their blubber gives insulation to everything in the area.

Hadrokirus gain an excitement buff from killing penguins. The buff increases its organic polymer penguin harvesting, land speed, damage, and stamina by 30% while increasing the STEAM BREATH damage by 10%. Buff lasts for 2 minutes.



·         First button’s a basic bite that does good damage and does great damage to Kairuku. Holding the button down will pick up the target with a drag weight of 125 and lower (the titans have weirdly low drag weights so just ignore stuff like that).


·         Second button’s STEAM BREATH with high damage that hits through mounts and lingers, dealing more damage underwater. Any creature that takes no or reduced damage from fire takes no damage from this.


·         Third button’s a loud bellow that stuns small creatures and humans for 5 seconds. Larger creatures get their attack speed cut in half. It’s even louder and travels farther in the water. It’s on a 5-minute cool down but in between, Hadrokirus does an emote seal clap, *arf arf’s* and all.


·         Jump button’s a belly flop, dealing huge damage and knock back.




The sight of a pod of giant seals swimming across your starter base would be amazing, especially with the baby seals around.

Here are some extra ideas I had but I’m unsure about and please give suggestions.

·         Being around the STEAM saddle will boost the speed of mechanical saddle users like Magmasaur, Andrewsarchus, Roll rat, and maybe Tek saddles.

·         The saddle can STEAM and boil food like an industrial cooker.



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