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Laophis, a flying viper with nasty venom



Irl laophis is an extinct genus of large viper, it existed in Greece during the pliocene period. They got to roughly 3-4m in length and 26kg in weight.


For in game purposes the snake would defenetly have to be made much larger (perhaps slightly larger then the current titanoboa) and instead of being spesifically a viper, i imagane it as more of a hybrid between many diffrent species of venomous snakes. This would include things like cobras, rattle snakes, other vipers and most importantly flying snakes.

This is more or less the idea behind the creature, taking unique traits from many diffrent modern snake species and combinging them into a single highly mobile, high dmg, all round tame



Boasting many features found in all kinds of snakes, laophis is problably one of the most desirable creatures in the ark. It spends most of it's time hiding at the base of large rocks, mountains and such. Waiting for it's preffered prey to walk by. Once it does laophis will launch it's head towards it and deliver a bite full of venom, which takes effect almost immediately. Laophis is capable of delivering leathal doses of venom in a single bite, but it takes time for it to produce such ammounts which makes them almost skittish when confronted by another predator. Suprisingly, instead of using the rattle at the end of it's tail as a warning, it actualy seems to lure certain creatures closer. Presumably due to the fleshy structure on it resembeling food. Still a laophis rearing up and showing off it's cobra like frill is more then enough to deter most smaller threats.


Perhaps the snake's most suprising feature is it's ability to climb, leap and most shocking of all, glide. A behavior rarley observed in wild laophis, but utilised to it's full potential by survivors. Once on a high perch laophis can launch itself in a certain direction and almost identical to modern flying snakes, it can propel itself a great distance, all whilst carrying a survivor on it's back."


The ability to climb and jump would tie in extremly well with gliding. I can imagane laophis climbing up redwood trees and vertical surfaces perhaps similar to a megalania or thyla, while also having a regular and a charged (mainly vertical) jump (for a refrence imagane it jumping as sort of a goofy snake spring coil). 

The gliding ability is based on flying snakes, in game imagane the snake almost like a thyla pouncing of a tree and then massivly extending the distance travelled by slithering in the air, with the ability to turn mid air to some extent.


The lure ability is based on the spider-tailed horned viper, which has an arachnid mimicking structure at the end of it's tail. Since laophis is suposed to lure herbivores and carnivores alike, perhaps a structure resembling a leaf or even a chunk of meat would be more appropriate for it.



Venom: similar to an amargasaur's spikes, venom is almost like an additional stat that the snake produces on it's own. Venom inducing attacks will use up diffrent ammounts of the avalible venom stat (depending on the attack) which is displayed next to the hotbar (once again like an amarga's spikes).

Venom deals damage over time depending on the snake's own melee dmg % (which scales up to a certain %).

-(LBM) Primary bite attack: basic bite with no additional effects

-(Hold LBM) venom bite: laophis launches at a select target delivering a great ammount of venom. Deals both heavy base and venom dmg, but uses most of the venom stat

-(RBM) Stance change: laophis rears up, from this stance it can perform it's ranged abilities:

-(LBM in stance) Venom spit, laophis delivers a lesser ammount of venom in a long range cobra-like spit. Uses significatly less venom then venom bite, but deals less damage as well

-(C in stance) intimidation: laophis uses it's frill and roars to intimidate smaller threats

-(C) rattle lure: laophis uses it's rattle to get any creature not curently hostile closer to it.

-Heat vision: identical to the snow owl, can be turned on in a menu similar to desmodus

-(Space) jump: a vertical jump that takes laophis high above the ground, can be held down to increase distance.

-(Hold space) gliding/climbing: when in the air laophis can intitate a glide, imagane it as a slithering slow fall, exept laophis can travel forward at incredible speeds loosing minimal height, though not being able to gain it either. While also being able to turn mid air.

Laophis can climb vertical surfaces similar to a thyla gameplay wise, but in a simialr fashion to how many modern

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