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Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris, The Bane of Synapsids



Hi and welcome to the Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris vote page!  Here we will persuade you into voting for Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris, first off with how Estemmenosuchus would work!  Estemmenosuchus would be a mid-late game tame, with it’s saddle being achieved at level 40 or 45, Estemmenosuchus would get a hydration buff when in contact with water, and when deep underwater it will enter an “Manic Frenzy” state, where it will have increased speed, bite force and bite speed, however, Estemmenosuchus will have counters to it such as being unridable if it gains big levels of torpor and/or not being fed.  Now, onto the Dossier!

Common name: Estemmeno

Species name: Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris

Time: Mid Permian

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


Few words other than terrifying can describe Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris, I've had various nightmares about being torn to shreds by these monsters. I can't stress enough just how dangerous an encounter with Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris is, they aren't like any other Estemmenosuchus specimen, they are far different, they're aggressive, strictly carnivorous, and lay eggs, almost as if most of their genetics have been modified heavily. Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris seems to hold a grudge against other therapsids, as in will specifically target them if they're in the same vacinity as the creature, now, I don't know if this is a silly rumor, but I've heard that Estemmenosuchus seem to go insane underwater and begin to bite like crazy! Might just be a myth, but better safe than sorry.


I don't know of anyone who has been brave enough (and/or dumb enough) to try and attempt taming an Estemmenosuchus Ultimadentaris specimen, in fact, I don't think anyone has tamed one as of yet, however, I know of many survivors who show an interest in taming Estemmenosuchus, which checks out, their amazing hunting capabilities as well as their increased speed when under pressure can make a formidable tame.

Perhaps the way to tame them is to lure them towards a creature it can kill or hates like Moschops or Dimetrodon, and aiding the Estemmenosuchus to kill it, maybe gaining it's trust? I view killing a creature as versatile as moschops may look like a waste for some survivors, but for a creature like Estemmenosuchus? Seems like a fair trade.


Images and more coming soon, stay tuned!


Passive Ability - "Fear the unknown" If Estemmenosuchus encounters you at night, rather than attacking you it will stare at you, if you are (dumb enough) to near it after this stare, it will trigger a chase sequence, where Estemmenosuchus will follow you rapidly and will only stop if you're outside it's aggro range, or Estemmeno is killed.

Estemmenosuchus -stare-.gif


Attack 1 - Left Mouse hold.  If you click simply with left mouse, then Estemmenosuchus will just bite the foe, however, if you hold it, you'll see a meter charge up, as Estemmenosuchus holds up it's mouth and then clamps down it's jaws on the prey, holding them in place while attatched to it.  Here we can see an example of it, an Estemmenosuchus infinetly clamping the force of 1000 suns down on a pegomastax, who f'd around and found out

Estemmenosuchus torture.gif

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