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  1. Honestly, I would’ve preferred if this could wait until the extinction vote or the Valguero vote, as Valguero has an aberrant area. I would typically vote for this, but I think that it’s been done to death at this point. Short version: This fits on a different map, not really this one. (Not hating on it, but some other suggestions should be considered instead of “wow the spider deserves win bc it was in previous votes”
  2. This is certainly a strange and somewhat unexpected suggestion, but I believe that it fits the map well enough. May the best suggestion win!
  3. Something to note: We worked really hard on this suggestion, and I would appreciate the votes! This is our first time submitting something of this volume, so we are free to think of ideas!
  4. It's wonderful. (I'm not joking, I love the idea of this guy being added for this map). I hope that it gets the Carchar treatment if it does lose though.
  5. It's wonderful. (I'm not joking, I love the idea of this guy being added for this map)
  6. This lil' guy is as perfect for this map as the dire otter or koolasuchus! When I originally saw this guy in the Island's creature vote, I didn't feel like it worked with that map. I knew something like this would be a perfect candidate for aberration, valguero, or other maps with aberrant areas.
  7. It really just feels like a roll rat reskin, and while I don't like ark's current representation of them, this just ain't it for me.
  8. I would LOVE to see Koolasuchus win, as it is a very strange animal that doesn't receive enough attention in other games. It is by far the strangest creature in a creature vote that I have seen, making me love it even more. I want this last temnospondyl to win.
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