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The scorched earth vote winner Fasolasuchus


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I will be honest, i didn’t like the Fasolasuchus, it combines with the Scorched earth map and it can be a great method for taming golems, but i really liked the giant moa just it being a recently extinct creature and resisting to sandstorms was just enough motives to vote on him, but it lost to the fasolasuchus, if you voted to the fasolasuchus i understand why and this is not a hate post so i am going to talk about it good and bad points.

The fasolasuchus design isn’t my favorite, but that not the author’s fault because i think it is a little darker in the dossier i prefer the original design, the taming method is a bit strange it remembers me a bull fight for some reason but is very original, and finally the abilities, the Fasolasuchus abilities make it seem like a sand shark, and that’s ossom and i also liked it beign an easier form to tame golems it’s cool.

Final note: i give the Fasolasuchus a 7.

I will talk about the ragnarok winner later.


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