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Protostega is one of the most interesting and mysterious animals of hostile Aberration. These turtles inhabit the entire water area of the Bio-Luminescent Chamber, spending most of their day hunting cnidarias. They will not attack the survivors unless they themselves are not touched. The speed of the protostega is quite high in the water but very slow on land, so the fight with it is not difficult. Hunting for protostega is necessary only for the extraction of a unique resource - a shell fragment, and so this turtle does not represent any nutritional value

Prostostegs have poor eyesight and in the wild they mostly rely on light coming from the creatures themselves or the environment. That's why, survivor, you need to prepare the setting for a candlelit dinner. Be sure not to forget to cook a Blue Kambucha - the only treat for this turtle, which consists of Biotoxin, Rare Flowers, Aquatic and Ascerbic Mushrooms (made in Cooking Pot). Despite the fact that this drink is toxic to survivors and causes an effect comparable to the spores of poisonous flowers - protostegs love it and willingly take it directly from their hands

These turtles have a pretty decent supply of health, which gives them an advantage during combat. Protostegs are also a real danger for alien karkinos, get it for yourself and you will get a supply of Organic Polymer for life. And if your dinosaurs are tired of fighting and they need recharging, then protostega can be an excellent replacement for daeodon - the main thing is not to forget to make enough Blue Kambucha. 

Breeding these turtles is not easy. Since these are residents of one of the most inaccessible regions, they mate only at low temperatures around -30 °. Then the procedure is standard - you just need to hatch an egg and monitor the fulfillment of their desires


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