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  1. Subtly noticed, however, I rather meant that it would be 1 marine mammal of the type of seals, walruses, penguins, etc., i.e. marine mammals that can roam on land.
  2. Wild (from the notes of Helena Walker): So far I have seen many unseen creatures, starting with creatures that I knew earlier as a pile of bones, ending with fantastic dragons. However, this creature can't be compared to anything I've seen before. In the ark database, this creature is called a peregocetus and it's not even clear what it looks like. Peregocetus looks like a mixture of otter and seal. This creature lives in flocks on reef coasts. You can hear them right away, because the mixture of their cries reminded me of the vocalization of Brazilian otters and foxes. The diet of the peregocetus consists of fish, mainly megalodons fall under their distribution, although they do not disdain coelacanths, salmon and piranhas. There have also been reported cases of attacks on pelagornis, kairuku and even ichthyornis, if they fly low enough over the water. Apparently, these mammals do not tolerate competition in their category and therefore immediately destroy all seabirds. Despite all this, they treat the survivors well enough, as long as they don't provoke them. Home : Some tribes tamed flocks of such creatures and were very surprised by the result. Firstly, the peregocetus has well-developed infrared vision under water and it can make a U-turn under water, similar to a tropeognath, which gives a head start in water battles. Secondly, like ichthyornis, he collects first-class meat where others do not collect. Thirdly, it is ideal for the extraction of resources, or to be more precise: straw, organic polymer, tree sap, sand, charcoal and sulfur. Also, when he hits a stone with his tail, he collects cement paste from it, but does not collect the rest of the resources from various ores. And fourthly, his screams are so loud and strong that they can scare even yutirannus. In terms of combat, this creature can also stand up for itself. If you attack a pack of tamed peregocetus on a tyrannosaurus, then you will win, because their bites cause bleeding, which destroys the enemy's health reserves in a matter of seconds. Taming : Any peregocetus is tamed passively. However, to tame you will need to create your favorite shark soup, which is easily created in a pot or in an industrial oven. (Recipe : 1 alpha megalodon fin, 3 lemons, 5 rare mushrooms, 10 fried meats). We look for the right individual, put the soup in the zero slot, tame and enjoy. Breeding : Peregocetus is a viviparous mammal that does not have an oxygen scale, so you can mate them everywhere, the main thing is to monitor the value of food!!! Functions by buttons. Left click - Bite (causes bleeding). Right click - Tail strike (stun and collect resources). Space - Jump (can jump out of the water). The "C" button is Infrared vision. The "O" button is a sun reversal (works only in water). Left ctrl - Scream. Notes to possible questions. 1 - "Shark soup has some value besides food for domestication"? Yes, it can be fed to creatures and this soup increases the regeneration of health by 30% (approximately like basilosaurus). 2 - "How exactly is the bleeding distributed?" - The same as in allosaurs, i.e. the wound is suspended by the individual with the highest level. 3 - "How much will he stun with a tail attack?" - The attack will be balanced. Let's just say it's bigger than a thorny dragon and smaller than a basilisk. 4 - "Will the roar affect Giganotosaurus and Titanosaurus?" - no. His cry scares away everyone except giganotosaurs, titanosaurs, all alpha creatures, titans and reapers. Please support this creature (if you liked it) and ask questions if you still have any.
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