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A NEW APEX predator arrives: TORVOSAURUS reaches the SURFACE of ABERRATION!




Torvosaurus, a robust jurassic theropod, related to the megalosaurus, has travelled for miles to get the crown as the apex predator on Aberration. Torvosaurus wonders on the Surface to kill his only opponent, the Reaper King. Hellp him to complete his glorious hunt and he will become your trusted "big Megalosaurus brother"!





Torvosaurus is a genus of two species: torvosaurus tanneri and torvosaurus gurneyi. This second one was the largest predator in the entire Europe. he had a robust body, and was quite heavier than the most known Allosaurus. He comes from the same family of the Megalosaurus (their family is called Megalosauridae).


After this short introduction, I want to explain the characteristics of this new dino that I would like to introduce in the surface of Aberration; this section of the map isn't very interesting, as you can only explore it at night and only for drops (which aren't the best drops of the game). Plus, this place is very dangerous, so it is generally ignored. With the introduction of the Torvosaurus, this place may get a greater utility.


The torvosaurus has reached the Aberration lands to hunt the surface reaper kings, his greatest rival. He only wants glory for his family, and he is ready to die if this means protecting his smaller brother, the megalosaurus; this is why the Torvosaurus hunts alone, while the smaller brother chills in other Aberration regions. Fierce of his strong ignoring armor bite and his charge attack (similar to the Rhino), the torvosaurus truly knows that he can take down some reaper kings, before passing out.
The torvosaurus is only found in the surface, as his lore explains, where he just hunts other reaper kings. He mainly lives without any mate. He ignores any other living being (excluding if they are brave enough to fight this reaper killer). He can smell the reaper pheromone gland, and the torvosaurus will confuse any survivor with a reaper. He doesn't despawn when the day comes to the surface, he hides underground so it can be found again the following night.
Taming a Torvosaurus involves a great hunt that must be conducted exclusively with his true smaller brother, the megalosaurus. If this creature, ridden by a survivor, roars in front of the Torvosaurus, he will roar back and will start exploring around, searching for surface reaper kings. When the survivor, still riding the megalosaurus, and the wild Torvosaurus will have killed enough reaper kings, the big brother will be truly glorified and he will get to the step 2: sacrificing a baby reaper king that is still inside the survivor. This must be conducted by dismounting the megalosaurus (the torvosaurus doesn't attack anything unless provoked) and consuming a reaper pheromone gland: the Torvosaurus will react by smelling in the air, aiming at you and will kill the reaper king inside the survivor, damaging him and leaving him with 1 HP, as the reaper queen. At this point, he will be instantly tamed. 
the levels of the wild surface reaper kings will affect just the speed of the step 1, while the level of the reaper king inside the survivor (which can go up to 225 on official servers) will directly affect the taming effectiveness. Skipping the step 1 will result in a Torvosaurus still not glorified by the greatest hunt of his life and will just become aggressive to the player.
1) Both while wild and tamed, the Torvosaurus hides underground to escape the terrible conditions of the Aberration Surface during the day, so he doesn't despawn after a single night. He doesn't dig underground in any other place in all the Ark universe, only when he will need to escape the Aberration Surface day conditions.
2) Both while wild and tamed, his bite ignores any natural armor, making him very strong against both reaper kings and queens, nameless, fenrir, shadowmanes, rock elementals and so on. Armor by saddles is not ignored.
3) Both while wild and tamed, he can find wild Reapers (Reaper Queens, Subterranean Reaper Kings and Surface Reaper Kings) like the Rock Drake, pointing with his head to their position, and he can stomp the ground to let them emerge. He cannot smell the presence of tamed Reaper Kings. The stomp can be performed everytime, but without a Reaper nearby it will be just a flex of power and greatness ;)
4) Both while wild and tamed, he ignores the debuff from any Reaper King, so he can't be slowed by him.
5) Both while wild and tamed, he can perform some charged attacks in the style of the Rhino; the Torvosaurus peforms a dash and concludes it with a small jump that he uses to devastate his prey with a massive damage. Unlike the Rhino, he can't perform sequential charges, as they are very expensive in term of energy. the AI of the wild Torvosaurus shouldn't abuse of these charged attacks.
6) As the big brother of megalosaurus, he gives courage, strength and stamina recover to them by roaring during the day, in order to keep them awakened at their full strenght even with daylight. This ability is unlocked only if the Torvosaurus is tamed and finally gives megalosaurus the status they deserve: very powerful dino and usable during the day. The more megalosaurus get buffed by him during the day, the bigger the Torvosaurus gets debuffed, so a survivor needs to choose wether using him as a source of damage or as a megalosaurus support.
7) Still when tamed, the Torvosaurus passively produces tears in his inventory that can be consumed by the player to properly see at night. This is the reason why he can spend his whole life on the Aberration surface, hunting reapers during the night. Tears are excellent to see in the night, much better than the night visor; in this way the night won't be boring and frustrating for those great tribes who managed to get a Torvosaurus.
 Such a strong dino who can take down Reapers and that ignores natural armor needs to have an explanation for his statistics, as it is NOT intended to be a new giga and to be just a rex-like dino, with just high stats for fighting.
He should have HP similar to a rex and melee damage similar to a megalosaurus (because he is intended to fight and kill some surface reaper kings before dying, while wild). His stamina consumption and regen should be similar to other big dino fighters, but his roar that boosts megalos should consume very a lot of stamina, like for a yuty. His charged jump attack must consume quite a lot of stamina, but shouldn't reduce it too much. With these stats, he should be a very strong dino but still balanced, because he can't both fight and support megalos. Now I will explain better the "support debuff".
His debuff for supporting megalos could work this way: buffing 5 megalosaurus will give him a complete debuff, that should take his damage to a poor level (half of the original, that could be around 35 if he has a base melee damage similar to a megalosaurus, which is 75). Boosting more megalosaurus than 5 will still give the maximum debuff to the Torvosaurus and boosting a smaller number will give a minor debuff (each megalo will cause 20% of the maximum debuff). Here are some examples:
  • boosting 2 megalos will result in a debuff that is 40% of his max quantity; if the max debuff halves his damage from around 70 to 35, a 40% of this debuff should take his base   damage to 57.
  • boosting 4 megalos will result in a 80% debuff, which will take his base damage to 42.
  • boosting 18 megalos (for example in a bossfight) will give him a complete debuff, taking his base damage to 35. It should be the same debuff for boosting 5,6,7 and so on megalos... up to hundreds.

Obviously all the numbers given by me are just suggestions and extimations; I tryed to make him balanced to a rex, a megalo, a spino or an allosaurus, not too stronger.

Since I still consider the Torvosaurus a bit stronger than other big theropods, I would suggest a breeding that requires around 12 hatching hours (egg) and about 6 days to be fully grown (everything is half of a giga/carcha).
Thanks to all of those guys who patiently read my Torvosaurus idea :) I hope some of you will appreciate him and will vote this big megalosaurus brother.

torvo dossier foto.JPG

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