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 Common Name: Epicyon

Species: Canid genus of subfamily Borophaginae

Pack/Herd/Swarm/Flock Behavior: Packs of 3 not counting pups

Time/Era: Early & late Miocene

Idle Temperament: Territorial, deffensive,aggressive

Temperament On Hit: Aggressive

Diet: Carnivore

Feces Size: x3 medium

Tameable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Saddle Level: 50 

Creature Harvesting: All forms of meat, pelt, keratin, hide...also other creature bi-products that may be specific like for birds would be feathers for example. 

On Death Drops: Pelt, Hide, Meat

Real life Facts: Epicyon is the largest known canid genus. Its sized compared to a grizzly and is roughly 3 to 4 times bigger than the current day wolves.Its like the size of a horse! It was native to North America during the Miocene Era. The largest known specimen weighed in at 375 pounds in bone weight alone! Its depicted to have brown,black and white fur but sometimes just mostly brown. 

In Game Wild Info: Like dire wolves,thes dogs never hunt alone so always be aware that if you see one than there are more near. They like forest habitats the most but will and can be found in tundra,open highlands and desert savanna. Much like modern hyenas they like to scavenge for things already dead or vulnerable so if you are taming a creature near them be warned...if you are leaving behind trails of dead creatures also take that into note as well. There are pack leaders and than there are lone Alphas. When the aplhas are near a pack of normal Epicyon they will get not only a pack leader buff but also an alpha buff! These dogs have some similar appendages like a Snow Owl on their muttun chop fur (face fur/mane),also a set of light up tendrils on the end of its tail and ear tips...they also have some alien-like antennas to match. They have some Aberrant fur patterns that will have a slight glow. It gives off enough light to be the first light mount in the game!

Taming: To tame these massive dogs you need to trap a wild male & a wild female. Once you have them trapped in a pen you must than feed them dead carcasses by hand until each dogs meter is full. Once the meters are full they will mate and the female will start gestating. During this time you will be asked for cares to support the female gestating, this will essentially be the taming effectiveness that will effect the bonus levels of the pup. Once the pup is born you must either knock out the parents,remove them or kill them because once you claim the pup they will attack both you and the pup. Once the pup is claimed you will than need to go through all the normal feed and imprint processes.Also,when fully grown the default creature name will be "Domesticated Epicyon".

Breeding/Farming: Once you have a Domesticated Epicyon pair to breed,they will breed as normal with no special tasks.

Tamed (Domesticated) Info: Domesticated Epicyon see you as an alpha,so when you are near them they get a pack leader buff. Domesticated Epicyon also get a pack numbers buff much like compys do. They have 2 sit modes greet or defend. Greet means they will just sit and wag their tails when approached. Defend will set them to a select distance to defend and they will start to growl when certain defense criteria is met. This will give you a warning if someone is coming before they come close enough for the Epicyon to attack. Aside from these guard modes, it will have other emote postures to lay down,play dead or roll over.
Epicyon saddles also have built in meat packs that work the opposite of what hyena packs do.
Epicyon will also poop Biopolymer when fed Keritin,it can be used as cementing paste or polymer but it can spoil. Once it spoils it can be used as fertilizer like normal feces.
As far as other combat abilities go, Epicyon has a similar bite,grab and shake as a Megalosaurus.
Lastly, Dire Wolves and Hyaenodon will get a buff from Epicyon and they will also give Epicyon an automatic pack leader buff.

Other Notes: Aside from saddles,Epicyon can be equipped with collar skins for the saddles. Certain skins will give defense buffs when in guard dog modes.


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