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Ubirajara - Lord of the spears




Artist : Lapiz Lazuli 

This dino came to fruition because I want it to work in Aberration and have it be like Rock Drake really.
Rock Drake could have been a real world dino, it's a feather lizard after all.
So I went with obviously a real life dino that had adapted to Aberration, the idea behind it is that it used to be a light pet that went radioactive and got bigger and weird abilities to adapt to the environment.
It learned to defend itself down there against nameless and reapers but it's not at the top of the food chain and likes to work with rock drakes.

Common Name : Ubirajara 
Species : Ubirajara Ubatus
Time : Early Cretaceous
Diet : Carnivore
Temperament : Curious

Wild :
Ubirajara is an absolute stunning beast. It is a medium sized theropod with appendices emerging from around its shoulders.
It looks like it's either hardened flesh similar to keratin or bones that have some radioactive components to them.
Watching Ubirajara in the wild is simply astounding given what it can do with them, it can really manipulate it as it wishes, it looks like it is modulable and can change form based on what it's needing.
I've seen some project their radioactive purple fleshed and make sort of ropes with them, catching other species to eat them.

Domesticated : 
They seem to like light, leaving in this secluded dark place might have not changed their instincts, whenever they see light they will rush toward it. 
This has really made me curious after seeing them enter in contact with one of the light pets they even became luminous themselves, lighting the whole place up even wider and bigger.
If you let it play with one of your light pet it seems like it could become interested in joining you, they don't see much light after all down there.
I am sure that if you were to tame one they would provide valuable help in lots of different regards.
Those ropes thing they seem to make could probably be used as structure, or they could help you catch dinos in a purple net and drag them or even pick some dinos up.

Taming :

For taming I had the idea of having to throw one of your light pets to it and have it let it play by picking it up with one of its sort of tentacle while keeping it safe from all the dangers in the red zone.

Utilities & powers :

What I had in mind for this beast is that the thing on their back kind of works like bulbasaur's vines or attack on titan's (warhammer).
There are infinite ideas to go from there, as I've stated they could throw them and grow some right back up with the help of congealed gas in its inventory, if it runs out of congealed gas it might not produce them anymore. 
And then you can create ziplines, glowsticks (you could throw some ball and it'd work just like it), the tentacles could mimic even pickaxe and work a bit like a mantis given that'd you'd have two of them to use, maybe you're picking up a small dino with one and the other is used to hit. And if you use a light pet it could even have the tentacles be charged with electricity and have additionnal effects.
The idea is also that light pets are important because they directly buff the Ubirajara. If you have a light pet using its light the Ubirajara will also glow and emit an even bigger light (it won't work unless charged by a light pet) and it'd make also everything it shoots light, light ziplines that glow in the dark etc 
Even creating like some sort of "traps" I had in mind like if you stuck one of the rope to a rock and then to another rock and then you made this 3 times you could probably block something the size of a parasaur because it won't attack, the structures for balance reason could : not have a lot of them / really small uptime / really easy to destroy
it could also even using pickaxes climb the walls with it.
Then again I had in mind either it uses the tentacles to mimick the form of a pickaxes or you put pickaxes in its inventory like a mantis and it uses them by holding them

There are multiple ideas that can come up with tentacles like that, possibilities are endless !


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