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Draco Venenum, GLIDING REPTILE (Magna Coelurosauravus)



My suggestion comes from the first known reptile to glide about 260 million years ago, the Coelurosauravus. I think Aberration could use another dino that significantly helps with early-game traversal. The Rock Drake is amazing, but it takes a while for the survivor to attain. The Draco Venenum will help traverse the map early on as it is proficient at gliding and climbing. I also think the taming of the creature is different than usual, as it is very similar to the Troodon. I also foresee the wild Draco employing hunting tactics like the Thylacoleo. Introducing a new tranquilizer from its venom could be interesting as well. Wild Card hasn't introduced a new tranquilizer with an even greater potency than the narcotic. Finally, I am fully aware that my version of the Coelurosauravus is significantly larger than what fossils have pieced together but consider the recently added Rhyniognatha.


Named for its potent venomous bite, this gliding reptile must be related to the much smaller Coelurosauravus. It's much smaller than the Rock Drake being about the size of a Parasaur. I will call it the Draco Venenum. Draco is capable of gliding flight via membranes formed by an enlarged set of ribs. It is one of the most agile creatures in this aberrant world.


The Draco cannot be tamed by conventional means. It is virtually immune to narcotics of any kind. To tame the Draco you must present it with a weakened tame of your own allowing it to paralyze it and then feast upon its corpse. The more powerful the tame, the more effective taming will be.


Once tamed, Draco's venom could become very handy in knocking out other creatures. Its venom is even more potent than the Basilisk's. Draco's bite will do the trick, but I've also been able to utilize the venom to make an even more potent narcotic. Draco proves to be a very useful companion early on in my adventure.

Art Credit: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-11193661/Ancient-reptile-evolved-ability-glide-changes-tree-canopy.html

Draco Venenum.jpg

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