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Sauropelta: The Mushroom Loving, Living Spike Wall and Shrapnel Bomb



General Info:

Sauropelta was a nodosaurid dinosaur from Eatly Cretaceous North America. At around 20ft long and weighing 2 tons, this heavily armored dinosaur is most recognizable by its large spikes protruding from its neck and its long spiked tail. 

Ark Info:

Common Name: Sauropelta 

Species: Sauropelta crepitus (crepitus is Latin for “explosion”) 

Time: Early Cretaceous 

Diet: Herbivore 

Temperament: Docile



Of all the unique and bizarre creatures of this sunken world, Sauropelta crepitus is a somewhat nice chance of pass. It’s nice to finally see an animal that I can recognize from the fossil record. This herbivore is a distinct cousin of the Ankylosaurus and is also covered in heavy armored plates and spikes. However, what distinguishes Sauropelta from its relative is its lack of a tail club and the large row of spikes that run down its sides from the back of its head to its shoulders. I’ve seen few predators dare attack this spiky tank with legs, but those that do soon realize the mistake they have made. Sauropelta’s spikes are so sharp that simply bumping into one can cause deep and painful cuts. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it has the uncanny ability to “shed” this spikes on command, firing what are essentially knives in all directions at any attacker. These spikes can cut through the toughest of hide and pierce most kinds of armor. If this doesn’t deter the predator, Sauropelta has one more trick up its sleeve. By laying down on the ground and covering its legs, its armored back makes it untouchable by most predators and weaponry. Definitely not an herbivore you want to make made. 


Sauropelta has developed a taste for the many different types of mushrooms that grow in these giant caves. These beast are immune to the spores of even the deadliest of mushrooms and can detect them using their ken sense of smell. They absolutely love them! However, their love of the strange fungi makes them blind to danger. I’ve seen the predators of theses caves take advantage of the situation and catch these usually untouchable creatures off guard. 



How a survivor would even get close enough to one of these dinosaurs to domesticate it amazes me. It seems certain tribes have also used Sauropelta’s love of mushrooms to their advantage just like the carnivores have. By guarding the armored creature from incoming threats seems to gain the animals trust. Guide it to more patches of its favorite food and eventually, this spiky beast will become your new best friend.


Although it can’t break through rocks like the Ankylosaurus, Sauropelta is an amazing animal for a survivor to have at their side. Its high carry weight make it a great beast of burden. Although it can be a bit slow, it still makes for an excellent travel companion in theses underground caverns. It’s ability to find mushrooms to make it vital if one hopes to avoid the deadly spores. Its spikes make it a very sought after mount as well. I’ve seen survivors keep a few Sauropelta around the outside of their homes to keep would be predators at bay. They have also learn that by making the dinosaur fire its spikes at the ground around it, they can create a protective layer of spikes around themselves. The spikes will cut through any creature that dares to get too close.



Sauropelta would be a mid to late game tame with good weight, good damage, high health but low stamina and speed. Players would tame them by leading the dinosaur to patches of mushrooms and protect it from predators while it eats. Its spikes would cause bleed if the Sauropelta is attacked or if it’s attacking and enemy. The dinosaur also has the ability to shoot it spikes off its back similar to the Amargasaurs spikes that cause AOE damage around it. It would also have a turret mode were it will both act as a spiked wall and fire it’s spikes at targets.


(All images are from Wikipedia)



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