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traveling mount Glypheoidea the Prehistoric Crayfish/Lobster and Mobile Home



Dossier:  Glypheoidea better known by survivors as a Crawdad though In terms of size this thing seems to be around 14ft long sporting two large claws on the front that add a few extra feet in length, and even compares to the Karkinos that roam near it and the Cindarias it eats as snacks. Being the ancestor of our modern Crayfish I can see how this thing has adapted to living here, This cave has water everywhere it's the perfect place for these things to thrive, although it's adaptation to living in the element lakes below is rather peculiar. Though those seem to be a bit different in look.

Glypheoidea - Wikipedia

Wild: When dealing with them in the wild, they seem harmless in comparison to the Karkinos, until a survivor decides to see how hard the shell is. The massive claws can pack a decent punch, and the many legs underneath can carry it at a decent speed. One survivor tried to kill one while hanging from a climbing pick, until the thing dug its claws into the rock and one by one pull itself closer. In order to kill it Mei Yin ended up knocking it upside down with her Drake and making quick work of its underside.

Domestication: Some Survivors have managed to tame these however, using biotoxin to leave it a trail of bread crumbs right into a cannon. After using the cannon on its side to knock it over, it was very quickly knocked unconscious using basic narcotics and fed like any other tame. It still preferred the biotoxin over anything, and even ignored the shocking tranqs we tried previously as it just digested it. After tamed It was quite the useful steed. Not quite as fast as the Rock Drake we use, but quick enough and durable enough to go on extended hunting trips for resources and such. Using the Glow sticks and More Malleable Wood from these trees we managed to construct a mobile home on its back that we could fold up if we needed to move anywhere or climb. The driver had to lie down of course to have enough room, but we did manage to fit a fabricator, smithy and even a vault on the back. Once we got to a good stopping place we just unhooked the latches and let to fold back out into an open crafting station. 


Note: The peculiar ones we found swimming in element, we finally managed to lure one out, Though it didn’t follow the biotoxin like before it instead was more attracted to our reaper pheromones, once our it would have been the same process as before, until it decided not to get knocked over with one cannon shot, We just couldn't quite hit it hard enough to knock it on its back. We did finally domesticate it after constructing a radiation proof saddle on our other Glypheoidea, we just decided to feed it one of our tames after feeding it a reaper pheromone gland.

Giant Crayfish | Elden Ring Wiki

Upon closer inspection the Elemental Glypheoidea has some larger claws on front, and seems to glow somewhat, being a strong as this thing is we eventually constructed a pill box on its back and mounted a cannon, not a lot of space for crafting but more durable and enclosed.

Riding: It would be similar to the Megachelon in the sense that it has 2 basic attacks, 1 Attack using it's claws and another spitting water in front of it, though this uses some of it's water stat. This attack can be changed to be a stun like attack similar to the Voidwyrm by feeding it Biotoxin, both slowing creatures hit by it and creatures relatively close to it.

When the Saddle is closed the rider will lay down on it's back while riding and the creature is capable of climbing cliffs similar to the Megalania, by digging it's larger claws in to the rock.


Stationary: When not actively moving you can fold the saddle out forming a decently wide platform saddle fitting whatever crafting stations you would like in the slots in the creatures inventory. While in this mode, the creature has half movement speed, and cannot climb. This mode would be useful to accompany survivors near the rock drake nest as a temporary outpost to repair hazmat and or log off, as with a hazard saddle nothing inside is affected by radiation.

Similar in design to a Mobile Home that can fold out when you decide not to go anywhere.

TenFold - Mobile Home - YouTube

The Glypheoidea is capable of being a decent combat mount, and the structures attached to the saddle being part of the saddle make them immune to damage, however It's damage would still lack in comparison to the Reaper and Rock Drake on Aberration.


Breeding: To breed they must be in water and touching the bottom of whatever source to be able to dig in the mud and make a hole to lay eggs in. If not in a suitable environment, the Female is capable to taking an extended period to hatch the eggs inside her body and give a live birth.


It would have half weight on structures, wood, stone, and metal. It would be the first creature that has a water stat that needs instead of a food stat, however It gets water from biotoxin, swimming, and being in range of water, and a slight amount of water gained from fish meat. It's platform saddle would be able to fit everything smaller than an industrial grinder, and a maximum of 5 slots for placeable stations (generator, storage, and crafting) and 1 slot for beds, or seating.)

Basic Primitive Saddle: 5 slots, and 1 slot

Hazard Sealed Saddle: 3 Slots and 1 Slot, The Hazard Saddle sports a generator at the back side powered by congealed gas balls and protecting any in the base from radiation and water. Cannon Module can be placed using all 3 slots.


Image Sources: Wikipedia first image, Elden Ring Wiki  Second Image, Youtube Ten Fold Engineering Third Image

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7 hours ago, Arambourgiania said:

Gosh I'd love to have a platform saddle arthropod in the game. I really like the Colossuscorpius mod on the Steam Workshop. Something like that.

I'm glad you like the idea, not quite familiar with the Colossuscorpius is but im guessing scorpion by the name. If This creature doesn't end up top 10 I'll keep that in mind to add to my mods when ASA launches. 

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