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Metalurax-aberrant salamander



Metalurax-aberrant salamander


The Metalurax would be an incredible addition to the Aberration map, a new and unique amphibian for this amazing setting. Amphibians are scarce in the Ark game, so it would be a perfect addition to this category. With its unique and magnificent characteristics, the Metalurax can be both a shoulder pet and a formidable carnivore, depending on your choice. A creature with such design in the Ark Ascended game would be incredible. Just imagine the level of radioactive glow and the radiant details that this creature would have in Engine 5, it would be truly magnificent. So, that's my cue, and now let's dive into the world of the Metalurax.

The Metalurax is a magnificent amphibian that emits an intense glow. It possesses incredibly strong claws, allowing it to climb reasonably well, thanks to its slimy and adhesive substance, rivaling the impressive Rock Drake. The Metalurax has antennas similar to those of the Axolotl, capable of detecting movements, much like the Snow Owl does with its heat vision. Its jaw, during the metamorphosis phase, is incredibly powerful and can also release a radioactive substance, similar to how the Dilophosaur releases its slime. The membranes around the Metalurax's body provide it with highly effective swimming abilities. Although it cannot fly or plant, its climbing ability combined with its ability to cushion falls can be used for locomotion.




Common Name: Metalurax 

Species: Ambystoma aberrans

Time: unknown

Diet: carnivore

Temperament: agressive

Wild: in the wild, the Metalurax can also pose a significant challenge. Its agility in the water is impressive, allowing it to move with dexterity and speed through the radioactive waters. Now, imagine such a fast creature combined with its radioactive bite ability. It would be a true terror for survivors venturing into the radioactive areas. Killing this wild animal for meat is not a good option, as its body is highly radioactive.


Domestication: The process of domesticating the Metalurax in its larval form involves the use of toxins, such as those from Titanoboa or Nameless. However, for a more effective and expedient domestication, it is recommended to create a toxin at the chemistry bench using specific ingredients, including the venom of Nameless and Titanoboa, hallucinogenic mushrooms, a significant amount of narcotics, and a new substance acquired from the Alpha Basilisk—its venom, which can be obtained by killing it. Once you have obtained this substance or the venoms from Titanoboa or Nameless, you must venture into the hostile and radioactive areas where the Metalurax is found. These creatures are rare, usually spawning only one or two at a time. When you encounter them, you must use Reaper pheromones to scare them, as they will attack you relentlessly if you don't. Having used the pheromones, you must chase after them since they will attempt to flee. The most effective way to stop them is by using bolas. After successfully immobilizing the Metalurax, it is crucial to stay close to it to familiarize it with your scent and allow you to approach. At this point, you can feed it the prepared toxins. Once the Metalurax consumes the toxins, the domestication process is complete, and you will have a strong and loyal creature by your side.


Domesticated: Once domesticated, you will have an incredible creature. In its larval form, its abilities include:

-It can be carried on your back, absorbing and converting the radiation in its surroundings into an intense light that scares nearby animals.-

The Metalurax only produces a radioactive sticky substance that can be extracted in its larval form. During the metamorphosis phase, it will not produce a sufficient amount of this substance.

Metamorphosis: To undergo metamorphosis, the Metalurax requires the creation of another substance in the chemical bench, using honey, mushrooms, toxins, pheromones from both female and male Metalurax, as well as an element, either in powder or fragment form.

Giant Salamander Stage:

After injecting the substance into the Metalurax, its transformation process will begin, and it will enter a cocoon stage, evolving into the salamander phase, similar to the growth of a hatchling. Once this transformation is complete, you will have a powerful creature by your side, a true large carnivore, if we can call it that. The abilities of the Metalurax in its adult phase are: With its strong claws and sticky slime, it can climb walls and cushion falls, emerging unscathed from its explorations. Another ability of the Metalurax is the conversion of a small amount of radiation around it into a radioactive slime, similar to the Dilophosaur. When it shoots this slime, it blinds all enemies and inflicts corrosive damage that destroys armor and irradiates its targets. Furthermore, thanks to its radiation absorption, the Metalurax has the ability to camouflage itself, like the Rock Drake and the Shadowmane. However, this ability consumes a lot of energy and is rarely used in combat. The Metalurax's bite is also corrosive, capable of breaking metal structures and causing significant damage to creatures due to the injected radiation. The Metalurax also has antennas that detect movements of nearby creatures. Additionally, the Metalurax can be used for gathering activities as its corrosive slime can break down all metals and rocks in the game. Although the Metalurax in its metamorphosis stage does not emit a light that scares animals around it, its antennas produce a blue light that helps the player see in dark nights in the Aberration. A tail strike can also be added, a powerful move where its radioactive membranes carry a radioactive energy that paralyzes the target, similar to cnidarians.

Some additional ideas for the Metalurax: Perhaps a Tek saddle that allows the animal to perform high jumps or glide like the Rock Drake, or that allows it to remain in camouflage for longer periods. Additionally, this saddle could provide a protective shield for the animalAlso, it would be possible to have a wrist-mounted weapon that can be equipped by humans, a weapon capable of releasing the slime produced by the Metalurax in its larval phase. This weapon would shoot slime projectiles forward, corroding everything in the area it hits, making it perfect for targeting animals and corroding them from the inside, easily killing them. The radiation emitted by this slime can also aid in creature taming, as small doses before taming can reduce hunger.


However, as useful as it may be, the weapon has its limitations. Due to its high radioactivity, it corrodes the entire weapon and breaks the device. There would be a limit of 10 slime shots per weapon before the weapon is completely corroded and the device breaks.

ProcreationFor breeding Metalurax, you must have a couple in the metamorphosis phase and take them to the radioactive lake to initiate mating. The female will lay the egg in the water, and you must collect it and take it to a chemical workstation. Adding an element to the egg will ensure that the animal is born in the metamorphosis phase, as without it, the newborn animal will always remain in the larval phase. To hatch the Metalurax egg, you must once again take it to the radioactive water and use some Diplocaulus to incubate it, as air conditioners and incubators seem to malfunction or have no effect on this creature.





Credits to Gisselda santos

I hope that Wildcard adds this creature or creates one similar to it, that would be incredible. Who wouldn't want a beautiful and cute shining Axolotl in their base? Especially if it's useful? Everyone! So, vote for this creature for the next Ark Ascended creature. If anyone has ideas, I will definitely check them out and add them.


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