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Dryopithecus: The Spelunking Crafting Companion!



Dryopithecus: The Spelunking Crafting Companion! 




Disclaimer: I am well aware that this is taking inspo from other prehistoric apes/apes in general/media, that's the point 😛

General Concept:

A tree swinging, cave roof climbing, and about as much all terrain as you can get for an ape. Being more of a support attacker, their ability to pitch a wide variety of projectiles makes it a useful battle mount. They are also a crafters friend, being able to autocraft some items and possibly give some higher crafting experience!

Main Concepts

  • An upgrade to the all-terrain mount concept. Can climb, swing, and even do some pitches while hanging from a wall.

  • First mammal Baby grab: Instead of having to just grab an egg and run, you have to make off with the baby on your back. Cryoing it will cause the taming process to fail.

  • An upgrade to the rather boring smithy saddles: Has a custom sit and crafting animation. Can possibly autocraft/grab needed items to make things. Possibly be able to make stuff from like Mortar and Pestle as well.

  • Round out the Ape family and give us some more orangutan rep!

Dossier Concept:
Common Name : Dryopithecus

Species : Dryopithecus Megaprimatus

Time : Late Miocene

Diet : Omnivore

Temperament : Territorial


“I was quite surprised to see such a large primate in these caves. Dryopithecus’ ability to climb and swing their way around the caverns makes them very hard to catch by the rather dangerous wildlife. They are incredibly protective of their young, going into a rage if even the most docile of creatures gets too close to them. I am unsure if this is mere instinct, or if something happened in the past with other survivors.”

While getting one of the young away from its parents was difficult, it proved to be a worthwhile venture. The young Dryopithecus forms an incredibly strong bond with the person who raises it. They are so full of wonder and curiosity, it almost felt like it rubbed off on me as well! Once it matured, it became quite the helpful hand around the workshop! It wanted its own smithy and tools to help out, and quickly could make any of the things I taught it how to craft some recipes (some said even better than me, but it's best not to boost its ego).

Outside of the workshop, Dryopithecus make amazing mounts, and if needed, quite capable defenders. Their long limbs seem to make it amazing at closing the gaps in close range and being able to hurl ammunition from long distances. I must do some testing to see the capabilities of this, maybe some of the things it crafts could prove quite useful…



Mobility is its biggest feature. They can climb in all directions and swing while on ceilings/cliffs above it. While attached to trees or cliffs, it can boost or swing to the nearest surface and chain the process to travel quite large distances.


  • Able to swing from tree to tree,

  • Can boost off of walls/redwood trees or do more powerful swings to close gaps.

  • Can gather decent speed while swinging, possibly can build up/can be chained.

  • Can use Ziplines and Vines to climb across or swing to/from.

  • If you line up the rhythm of the swings, you can go faster (minigame?).



  • Can climb in any direction.

  • Able to climb up trees, redwoods trees, and cliff faces.

  • Able to do some attacks while climbing.

  • Able to climb on ceilings/cliffs.



  • Perfect for the rather vertical environment of Aberration and forests of other maps.

  • High mobility and decent speed while swinging.



  • Incredibly slow in water.

  • Pretty slow when on the ground. Can’t really sprint.


It will have a smithy saddle and able to craft items


  • Smithy saddle, possibly some weight reductions. 

  • Able to autocraft items if it has the materials in its inventory. Will need to be on the ground and will have a small animation of it setting up its smithy and crafting. Could be set as a sit ability. 

    • Possibly have the ability to collect nearby materials from storage if it can reach them (?).

  • Babies when worn possibly give a crafting bonus. Adults when crafting might be able to have a crafting bonus (possibly have a crafting stat instead of speed).

  • autocraft can maybe use bps for items not in the smithy or be able to also craft mortar and pestle items (?).




Main attack- hard hitting forward slam. 

The Dryo slams both of its long arms forward, hitting a decent sized area and knocking creatures back. Decent cooldown, can’t be spammed that well. This can only be performed on the ground and not grabbing anyone. Could launch someone if they are grabbed. 


Secondary attack- side punches/possible grab.

The Dryo will punch/swing its arm on either side. This can possibly grab players and small creatures. They will be trapped until they break out or the rider holds the second attack down or does a main attack on the ground. This can be performed while climbing as long as an arm is free, so long as it is not hanging from a ceiling or already holding a player. 


Special attack- Pitcher 

There are two versions of this attack: the underhand and the pitch 



Is activated by just tapping the attack button. No windup, low distance, low damage, but does have decent knockback. It is more for closer ranged enemies. This attack can be performed on the ground or while hanging, as long as an arm is free. 



Is activated by holding down the attack button. Charge windup, mid-high distance, high damage, (possibly a stun/knockback/torpor). This attack is more for long ranged attacks. This attack can only be performed while on the ground and both hands are free.



Would like

  • Boulder: possibly able to be broken up to be more of a shotgun shot (hehe funny anime monkey reference) or throw the whole rock. Useful to tame crabs.

  • Cannonball: use more as a stun/knockback. Doesn’t do much underhand but hits like a truck when pitched.



  • Jar of Pitch: would be useful to give ground cover underhand or devastate from long range. 

  • Chain Bola: would be good to cause distractions or be a mobile taming companion. 


Do not want

  • Ballista bolt: doesn’t really make sense with the kit.



  • High damage output at longer ranges.

  • Versatile with its ammo and able to use some while hanging around.

  • Good knockback/possible stuns/possible torpor.



  • Low DPS, most heavy hitting attacks have wind-ups or don’t do as much damage. 

  • For pitcher attacks, a bit of a sitting duck. Will need to have defenders or be in a safe position.

  • Can be easily swarmed if on the ground. Is not designed to be a crowd controller.



Dryos cannot be tamed by normal means. Once fully grown in the wild, they become fiercely loyal to their Troop and will refuse to leave them. However, as babies they are highly imprintable. You cannot harm Dryos as you attempt to get one of the babies, and you cannot attack them while trying to escape with one. Cryopoding them as babies will cause them to freak out or flee as they cannot comprehend them.




Similar to human babies, they are rather fussy and need to be entertained. They will need to stay on your back if you don’t want them running off and trying to return to their troop (even if they are from tamed parents, they will freak out and try to flee). They will need to ride around with you or stay in the care of their tamed parents. They are incredibly curious creatures and enjoy watching you crafting things. Imprint quality will be based on the crafting xp you get while on your back and they will occasionally demand to see certain items from your inventory to be crafted. If you are using a tamed Dryo, they will need to have their smithy out and will need materials in their inventory/smithy to craft the needed items. If you stop crafting for a while, the baby Dryo will get grumpy and hop off your back. You will have to catch it, otherwise it will wander off and become wild. 


If possible, I would like for the babies to be able to latch on/sit on the saddle/smithy when in the care of an adult Dryo.

Other tidbits:

  • Realllly want the sit animation. Would live for the custom saddle/smithy being put down, but really want the sit animation.

  • Would love for them to have a cosmetic roar.

  • Size would probably be about twice the size of a survivor, noticeably bigger but not massive.

  • Would love to have the sexual dimorphism (Males have the cheek pads/flanges and be slightly larger, Females have less hair on the face.)




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