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pvp PS4 Lost Island Un-Official PVP server looking for active players


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Looking for active members to join my un-official pvp server on the Lost Island map.

Name: Urban Lands / Map: Lost Island / Un-Official / PVP / No password , just search for Urban in the map search settings and it should pop up.

Few details about the map and settings. Day scale has been increased to provide longer days and shorter nights. Base damage has been decreased to 2x. There's 3x taming active and 1.5x kill and harvest boost experience active. 3x bigger stacks per inventory as well as offline base protection enabled. Gas consumption has been decreased allowing 1gas = 2.5gas. 10 slot server as of now but can be increased due to player volume. Adult managed server which will always remain online as long as there are active players. It is PVP based so understand there are other players who might kill you but there are no wipes so all your stuff and levels remain with you. Only 2 caves as of this date have been occupied which is me and 1 other admin so first come first serve when it comes to the caves. No cheating or advanced features have been provided for anyone including myself and the other admin. You start fresh, level up, build your base, tame your dino's and enjoy the game the way it's suppose to be. What players have is what they earned through hard work and massive hours of gameplay. Easter event is always active with a .2 override so you'll bump into some nice colorful dino's here and there to tame if you like. With that said cool server, cool people, hoping to find more active cool players to join. Official servers will be offline soon, might as well join a good un-official now and claim your spot while you can. See you online!!

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