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Pycnonemosaurus Brutus (A worthy opponent for carnotaurus!)



Pycnonemosaurus dossier-1.pdf


Common Name: Pycnonemosaurus

Species: Pycnonemosaurus Brutus

Time: Late cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive/ Mostly!



You know, ive met various types of werid creatures, but pycnonemosaurus is a special one.

Pycnonemosaurus Brutus, relative to carnotaurus, is a MASSIVE member of a group of dinosaurs named: "abelisaurids". which had tiny ADORABLE arms, with big jaws.

The "pycno" is a really strong fella, its jaws are designed to grapple into prey and tear it appart.

Also, this dinosaur is thick headed, so much that even direct bullet hits can be deflected!


To tame this beast, one must look as non threatning as possible, then approach the beast and feed it, while distracted, pet it to show affection, BUT DONT MOVE!


Once tamed, this dino is extremly loyal, its strong yet stiff tail gives it the ability to either help it reach extremly fast speeds on a straight line or give it a lot of agility, at cost of speed.

With his thick head it can rapidly do a headbutt for knockback or do what i like to call "brace" which makes the pycnonemosaurus take less harm and even deflect bullets, a good pick to tank turrets!


The real animal:

Pycnonemosaurus is known in science for being the biggest abelisaurid that was ever found!

this guy lived at the late cretaceous and was found in brazil, this dinosaur was a formidable apex predator of its ecosystem, so much that even sauropods had to be careful!



This dinosaur has some really intresting abilities;

Bite: a normal bite that does medium damage (LMB).

Headswing: an attack that, depending on where your mouse is looking, will give a charged headbutt to do knockback, this attack takes 3 seconds to be fully charged. (Spacebbar + RMB).

Heavy crushing bite: simillar to the headswing, except this attack does heavy damage, but no knockback, this attack takes 5 seconds to be fully charged. (RMB click, when you wanna bite just click RMB again).

Brace: The pycno will use its thick head to take 75% reduced damage, at the cost of only being able to walk foward and being extremly slow. (Hold down RMB and relesse when you want your pycno to stop bracing)

Tail modes:

this dinosaur has a long but stiff tail, which gives it 2 uses:

Rush mode: when activated, this dinosaur does a charge foward doing heavy damage, but at cost of turn radius, because when doing a fast turn you lose your charge speed buff,

when a target gets hit, the effect it will recive depends on the target's weight:

if its small (raptor sized, including survivors) the target will get launched into the air and when it will hit the ground it will take some fall damage, and it will be stunned for 5 seconds, this has a cooldown, if the target survives the first hit, it can no longer be stunned until the cooldown is gone.

if its a big target (carno sized) the charge will inflict heavy damage and will do knockback only.

Agile mode: when activated, the pycno will have more mobility when turning but it looses speed.

(The tail modes can be activated by pressing X)

Where to find it:

Pycnonemosaurus can be found in dense forests, like its name suggests.

It has skin that gives it a natural camouflage, so it can hide better when stalking its prey.


(Youre its prey...)


To learn pycno's saddle, one must be level 60.



This dino farms the next resources, (from most effective to least effective):

prime meat

raw meat





And thats all for pycnonemosaurs!

i hope you enjoyed to read this suggestion for the new creature to come to ark!

Good luck survivors! and beware of the dense forest lizard, pycnonemosaurus!

Pycnonemosaurus | Paleontology World

 You think you can suggest for more ideas for our pycnonemosaurus? Then ill be reading them!





Pycnonemosaurus dossier.pdf


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