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The Tasmanian Devil , The agressive shoulder pet




Image from Mels Hills wild art 

Common name: Tasmanian Devil 

Species: Marsupial

Time: Miocene

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: short-tempered

Wild: In the wild you will mostly find this creature around a forest or the redwoods. It is a solitary creature so it mostly be found on it's own. But be careful because this creatures is skittish and will run anyway quickly . The Tasmanian devil is mostly a scavenger and will feed of dead carcases around it but it will sometimes go and hunt anuyhting to the size of a hyenadon.

Domesticated: The tamanian devil is a shoulder pet that every survivor will want to have with them , it has a damage bonus to small creatures to the size of a hyenadon .                     It will also protect the survivor from any small creatures with it's growl .

Taming: The tasmanian Devil can get spooked really easily so to tame it you have to drag the body of a dead creature to it and let it eat and after it has eating enough it will come over to you and then you pet it.

Combat: The tasmanian Devil is not the best of fighters with the bigger creatures of the ark but against some of the smaller creatures it has yet to be beaten , it has a passive damage boost againt any creature up to the size of a hyenadon.

Sharp claws: With it's sharp claws it will be usefull to any survivor who has been hit by a bola or a net projectile , because with it's sharp claws your tamed Tasmanian Devil will come and set you free by cutting the net projectile or bola and can do the same to another tamed dinosaur if it's been whistled to it.

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