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Diictodon - The Bold Farmer's Hand!



Introducing Diictodon audax!

Common Name: Diictodon
Scientific Name: Diictodon audax
Time: Late Permian
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Territorial


WILD: I keep thinking I know just about every species present on the ARK's, and yet in the case of Diictodon audax, there still may just be some surprises still under our noses. Diictodon are almost entirely fossorial, living a vast majority of their lives under the ground in colonies, searching for roots and tubers to feed on. 

Though most colonies I have found in some of the more drier climates of the ARK, I have been told by survivors that they will settle in any area that has access to crops, where harvests will begin to show a lighter yield than anticipated.

Don't let their size fool you however, Diictodon are ferociously territorial and will stand their ground, putting on quite the display that I've seen disorient and frighten most would be predators! Though it must be said, their bark is certainly worse than their bite.

DOMESTICATED: I've seen a few methods survivors use to befriend local colonies, however the most common method, dubbed "Diictodon Fishing", luring individuals to the surface with treats and pets. Those of us more impatient have also resorted to more 'explosive' methods of flushing, which albeit efficient, can yield unforeseen consequences if not careful.

A Diictodon colony make great additions to any tribes farmhouse. Their knack of the organizational skills mixed with the constant aeration of soil from burrowing allow for crop yield and quality to significantly increase over time, as long as you are willing to share the fruits of your labour of course.

I have also seen tribes utilize some of the colonies bolder individuals as a great guard dogs to deter any would be attackers getting to close for comfort. Though they may be good at putting on a show, its best not to stick around, lest the Diictodon's charm begins to wear. 

I love a new ferocious predator being introduced to ARK as much as the next person, however I am always keen to see new and unique ideas introduced to expand on some of Ark's less focused features. One of which is farming, which admittedly tends to be something that I will usually forget about most play throughs, with times that I do thinking its a chore to work on. This has influenced my design of introducing Diictodon to ARK, with an extra bit of flair to improve overall utility!


To explain what my concept for introducing Diictodon into ARK:
-Diictodon colonies spawn as burrows that can be interacted with (think of it as like a structure similar to the beehive in the overworld).
-Multiple Diictodon can spawn in a burrow, with the lowest level individual inside usually being the main interactable member.
-These "Alphas" will yap, scream and snap at any individuals that come close to their burrow. This will deter most creatures at a certain drag weight to be frightened off or at least deterred from going closer. This behaviour is inspired by many burrowing animals of today, specifically Lemmings that are surprisingly aggressive against anything that approaches their burrows that could be considered a threat.
-To tame the Alpha that has been spooked back into their den, the main taming method would involved a survivor placing their arm into the opening of the burrow with a preferred food item on the 0 key, then once successful at luring one to the top, a minigame can play out similar to the fishing minigame to tame your Diictodon. This idea is a bit of a stretch but is based off Noodling, a fishing method practiced by catching hiding catfish by luring and catching them with your bare hands.
-Alternatively, a grenade can be placed inside of the burrow to flush out multiple to specifically select your preferred members to tame passively. However expect major resistance from some very upset residents. Again, this idea influenced by another method; Dynamite fishing.
Tamed Diictodon will have two key roles:
FARM HAND: Tamed Diictodon can establish new colonies, with these colonies having a radius of influence, depending on the number of members inside. Any crop plots inside of this radius will have similar effects to greenhouse, with the added benefit of helping harvesting. which can be then collected from the main burrow. (Since these individuals will be primarily underground, it wouldn't make sense for them to be able to access a feeding trough, so be sure to leave your workers a little food!).
GUARD DOG: As a shoulder mount, you will receive a passive buff from your Diictodon that will work similar to a mix of the Sinamacrops scare and a Ghillie Suit. Smaller aggressive creatures will avoid you whereas larger predators will have a smaller aggression radius.

If you have any suggestions as to what you think should be changed or improved, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts! I always appreciate clever ideas being brought up by this amazing community.

Do I expect the Diictodon to win? No not at all sadly, however, its always a great time thinking up unique ideas to introduce some amazing animals into this wonderful game! Thanks for reading and happy voting! 😊

Credit for both images goes to Walking with Monsters (2005) by Impossible Pictures.

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