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Bistahieversor ( 5 sense killer)



   My Idea

Bistahieversor would be a new Dino to shine some light in the mid game of your adventure. The bistahievesor was a Dino who had evolved with very good senses and this would go into its abilities.


  After attacking a Dino it will be pinned while riding bistahievesor for the next hour(is toggle able). This ping will be similar to a taming tracker where it says the distance but instead of showing tame percent it would show the health of the Dinosaur.


  After eating a meat it can indemnify what dinosaur meat it just ate and locate a general area where the Dino COULD be found (will not go in water). This will be togglable


    The bistahievesor can smell the ground and determine what Dino’s have crossed the area(no location just species and level)


   In the night time the bistahievesor can have either normal vision,thermal vision, or night vision. These could all be used to hunt in the night

Hearing(Help Needed)

   Bistahievesor can hear Dino’s nearby and if a roar of any kind is happening it will pin the Dino and where they are while roaring (this one is up for suggestions)


The saddle would be pretty basic. You would obtain it at level 46. There would be two little caches on both sides of the saddle that can hold 50 pounds each just for extra storage.


This would not be the next Giga or Carchar. This would be like a nimbler Allo with more stamina and faster speed in trade for lower health.


This Dino would be naturally neutral even though it is a carnivore. Although any type of roar will make it aggressive. It would be found in redwoods,deserts, hills, and the snowy areas.


This creature woild have a very unique and fun taming method. First you would feed it prime meat then bistahievesor would run and play hide and seek with you when you find it it will gain taming percent. The level would change how many times you have to play hide and seek with it.

If you vote for this thanks I thought this would be a cool idea.




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