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Sculda Syriaca(Mantis Shrimp)



I found a interestin old Fjördur Creature submission from JazHRate and would post it here


Sculda Syriaca

Common name: Sculda

Time: Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Territorial


1.-Punch: Sculda Sculda releases a powerful punch capable of breaking structures , reaching to damage metal structures, also his powerful punch breaks any natural armor of creatures, such as the projectile strength of the stegosaurus, or any other type of defense, this effect of breaking armor will last 120 seconds, additionally his club-shaped arms are capable of causing much unconsciousness and less damage, special to knock out creatures.

2 .-Anti-Regenerant: Sculda produces a saliva that can launch as the dilophosaurus but at higher speed, which is able to prevent the regeneration of health, even if it tries to regenerate with some consumable or ability, this substance also affects the regeneration of energy, another quality is to achieve maintain the maintain unconsciousness, this helps the taming of wild creatures, but once asleep the effect will be canceled and the creature will lower unconsciousness normally, the duration of this effect is 165 seconds.

3.-Electroreseptor: Sculda is capable of producing a discharge, although somewhat mild powerful, this serves him to detect power generators, but this discharge although not capable of damage, is capable of affecting nerves, this mild discharge makes any creature of grip, desaferre his victim, from the legs of a argentavis, to the tentacles of a tuso, megalosaurus jaw and beam of a tek ship, this even activates automatically when it detects that its rider is dismounted, or that Sculda is trapped, this ability can be used to save allies as well as to save itself, the generators when using the ability are visible for a few moments.

Mobility: Sculda naturally is a sea creature, it can come to the surface at times, its legs help it to walk on the sea floor as on land, but the time it is out of water is determined by its oxygen, this time can vary a strong wild Sculda is able to be out of water for more than 3 hours at a time out of water, its legs are fast in the water, it can swim freely throughout the sea, but can walk on sea floors, when walking it can climb underwater on sloping surfaces, but it can also do it on land, despite not having the best of speeds, it is able to match the Equus, and just like in the sea, it is able to climb on different surfaces.

In-game role: After a difficult taming process Sculda will be of great help to us, it allows us to save allies and ourselves with an electric pulse, which is even able to detect generators makes survivors use it for attacks against other bases, even essential against metal bases, although its knockout fists are used for taming, even for the levels of unconsciousness it is able to induce, it is able to knock out enemy siege creatures, but for defenses also shines, it can break the natural defense of animals momentarily, moment where the impacts of bullets and bites will affect as any creature without defenseless, also its saliva is able to hinder the attack by preventing regeneration, but despite its virtues is important not to forget that it is a sea creature, so we will not have to forget to take it for a dip from time to time.

Domestication: Sculda is found in funds glowing a bioluminescence when in the dark, while this in the background we will have to find a group of them, which must consist with minimum, a male and 3 females, although their groups are usually more numerous, when we locate a group we will have to incite their mating this is achieved by consuming rare flowers, when we consume a flower the battle will begin, because while these creatures are mating they are more vulnerable, besides attracting predators with the hormones they expel, at that moment we will have to defend the Rapax in waves of marine carnivores, the waves depend on the members of the group of Sculdas, once finished the females will lay eggs that may not be fertilized, but in the best case they will be, but all attempts will be rewarded with a strong and fast creature, and once we have a couple of domesticated Sculdas, we will have to take them to deep sea where they can mate, the waves will have a random difficulty but tame eggs will always be fertile, Sculda offspring must be raised to full adulthood in the water, they will eat fish meat, as it is softer, but once adulthood can eat any meat.

Domestication Tips: In order to get a Sculda without danger it is essential to bring a wetsuit, as well as a strong creature, it is recommended to go with several survivors, for the Sculda hatchlings to be strong only one high level male is needed, since the level of the hatchlings depends only on the male, in case there is more than one male in the group, In case there are more than one male in the group, we must eliminate the other male of lower level, the creatures of waves will not be tameable, the waves can have alpha creatures, and at the moment of taming it is important not to kill any of the Sculda by accident, for a better chance of having fertile Sculda eggs you can use the Liopleurodon's fortune effect.

Information: Sculda is a creature which inhabits the seabed where if the light allows it makes it shine bioluminescent colors along its body, where large marine predators are also found, but occasionally they can be found on the shores alone, it is territorial in temperament, and like its living relative the mantis shrimp, any creature that approaches it, The development of the ability to perceive electric motors, derived from encounters with human settlements, which became one of its biggest rivals, developing detection to avoid confrontations, in addition to the defense against the grip of thusotheutis, its liquid shot is a fluid full of bacteria and viruses, which deteriorate the health and energy of the affected, as well as its ability to annul numbing toxins, this added to its ability to sleep, makes even domesticated creatures fall asleep, causing much unconsciousness and preventing them from being able to annul the dream, added to not being able to flee by the wear of energy, These abilities make Sculda an unusual and cruel hunter, since he eliminates his creatures while they are asleep, although the fossil record shows a creature not so different from the current one, we can see a great difference from the one existing in the ark, this shows us how hard the environment in the ark can be.


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