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NECTOCARIS PTERYX ( Best Partner in Ark)



I finde a old post from the Fjördur creature submission from MoGuZ and would post it here



This creature comes from an Ark that at some point for unknown reasons exploded launching fragments in the form of comets into the different biomes in a kind of panspermia (the theory that very small organisms or chemicals that begin life can be found everywhere in the universe and that they made life on earth begin) from these remains evolved the Nectocaris Pteryx an extremely intelligent cephalopod that uses other less developed organisms to survive and be able to get out of the water using its most special ability "Elemental Symbiosis" normally lives in the deepest darkness of the ocean, it is lonely, extremely cunning and almost invisible thanks to its optical camouflage.


How to tame? He is passive, if you can see him first, if he sees you he will use his camouflage and walk away leaving a small luminous trail that soon disappears, the problem is that he loves to call (pheromones) his older relatives (Tusoteuthis) to help him, eat Black pearl soup in large quantity so go well prepared.



 As it completely needs its wearer to survive it will do whatever it takes to protect it, it will become an extension of its user and will grant it the same abilities that it took so long to evolve. It's a friendship for (Symbiosis) everyone wins.




Body Grip:


 They take their user by the back, arms and legs, turning their tentacles into an extension with up to 8 times more force than a human.


Elemental Symbiosis:


It feeds on the health, oxygen and water of the user to the point of leaving him unconscious.

This is how Nectocaris survives.


Elemental Camouflage:


It uses the user's fluids and its own to generate a biscous substance that covers them completely, makes them invisible for short periods of time at a high cost of health and vital fluids, also considerably lowers the aggressiveness of nearby animals.


Turbine Propulsion:


It uses its 4 turbines to move underwater at high speeds, if it does not have more oxygen it consumes the diving tank or the air from the user's lungs.



In the dark it glows with soft light in color of its pigmentation (it is only light, it does not work to remove nameless)


Extra Lung:


Oxygen can be stored inside the Nectocaris, but with the turbines off.


Tools use :


There is not much to say, he is very skilled, he can use almost anything to troubleshoot, scale, cut, launch, whip and much more.



The NECTOCARIS are all hemaphrodites, so you only need water, love and care.

Their young are first gelatinous eggs and then small cephalopods that are very fragile indeed.


last version.jpg

Elemental S.jpg

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