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Coelophysis- The Hunting Dinosaur




Art by Jade_317


Art by Jade_317

Coelophysis is my idea for a creature submission. Although it is a small dinosaur my idea for this guy is the ability to snatch and quickly dispatch shoulder pets and small dinosaurs. Additionally, due to their adaptations on the ARKs they have had to compete with other predators for prey and have developed a rivalry with certain predators. This makes this creature an excellent early to mid game shoulder pet/mount and can help protect you from the ARK's peskier creatures. Another fun feature of these guys is that they come in multiple sizes and have sexual dimorphism. In the wild, they can be found traveling in large groups but despite this, they are individualistic and won’t really react if you attack an individual. However, they don’t really like being approached unless you come with a carcass of another Coelophysis.  I would be careful breeding these guys since they have quite an appetite for each other though!



Common Name: Coelophysis

Species: Coelophysis Carpeis

Time: Late Triassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Opportunistic


Coelophysis is a predatory dinosaur that is adapted for hunting the ARK’s smaller creatures. Nimble and small Coelophysis roam in large packs. Alone Coelophysis is quite reluctant to attack, however in the presence of others it gains increased vigor and confidence. This makes a group of Coelophysis quite dangerous, and I have seen these predators take down prey significantly larger than an individual Coelophysis.



It appears that Coelophysis’s adaptation to hunting makes it a useful exterminator of pests. I have even seen survivors train their Coelophysis to pull small creatures from the shoulders of other survivors. The Coelophysis varies in size and smaller individuals can hang on a survivor’s shoulder while larger individuals can be ridden. The Coelophysis is highly cannibalistic which is how they have been tamed by survivors. Survivors should be wary when breeding these dinosaurs due to their cannibalistic instincts. I have seen more than one survivor stare helplessly in horror as their new Coelophysis hatchling is devoured by the pack!



Coelophysis can be tamed by feeding it the corpses of other Coelophysis. Survivors will need to stalk and kill a member of the Coelophysis group and feed them to the individual they wish to tame. Once you have fed an individual Coelophysis the corpse of another can be tamed passively with meats. Additionally, you can feed the individual you are taming more Coelophysis corpses for the most progress. Care should be taken not to trigger the group when attempting to tame a Coelophysis. An additional feature when taming a Coelophysis is the ability to mend lost taming effectiveness by feeding it a baby Coelophysis before completing the tame.


Snatch: This ability allows the Coelophysis to steal a shoulder pet off of another’s shoulder. Non-ridable Coelophysis executes this ability by hopping onto the back of a survivor, pulling their pet off, and then hopping off causing a staggering effect. Mounted Coelophysis can remove a shoulder pet in a similar manner to Megalosaurus. The execution of this ability on wild creatures is a basic grab attack.

Execution: This ability is the following move to the snatch ability. After a certain period being held in the Coelophysis’s mouth, it can execute a finishing move that instantly kills the captured creature. Once this ability is performed the Coelophysis will gain a timer preventing it from repeating this ability again for a certain period. Execution grants a mild damage boost.

Patrol: A unique ability this creature possesses is the ability to patrol a certain area acting as a guard dog against common predators. However, this can lead your Coelophysis to get into combat. Can be used to protect locations from nuisance creatures.


Radar: This ability is reserved only for Coelophysis that can be held on a survivor’s shoulder. This ability is like the jerboa’s weather detection except in reaction to certain predator and prey items. Does not reveal the specific location of targets. Reactions include Prey (Reaction to creatures under a certain drag weight), Rival (Reaction to creatures in the Rivalry trait), and Predator (Reaction to carnivorous creatures above a certain drag weight). Does not react to humans.

Passive Traits

Cannibalism: Gains increased stats for a certain period after killing another Coelophysis.

Confidence: A trait exclusive to wild individuals that are like how hyaenodons react to targets.

Rivalry: A reactive trait where Coelophysis gains increased damage resistance and damage output when in the general vicinity of Troodons, Raptors, Dilophosaurus, Titanoboa, and other similarly sized predators.

Prey: Coelophysis does increased damage to creatures under a certain drag weight.  


There isn’t anything particularly notable about breeding Coelophysis rather than babies under the age of 50%-60% will be targeted by adults despite both being in the same tribe or group. This means that babies of this age must be separated from adults.


Guard dog: With the patrol ability and rivalry trait the Coelophysis can make a useful early-mid game protector.

Shoulder Pet Snatcher: Its main PVP role is the ability to steal and kill shoulder pets. Mounted Coelophysis can be especially useful for this.

Hunter: The Coelophysis makes an excellent early-mid game hunting creature due to its increased damage against multiple common creatures and ability to grab small creatures.

Exterminator and Taming Companion: Due to its ability to grab certain wild creatures and restrain or kill them the Coelophysis can be useful as an exterminator or taming companion.

PVP: Although the Coelophysis doesn’t have much hp it is fast and can deal a fair amount of damage for its size. Coelophysis also makes for a great combat speed mount.

Lapis Lazuli for making my first concept art of Coelophysis.
Jade_317 for making the art used in this voting submission.

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Same height as a raptor yet longer and skinnier. Coelophysis is a medium theropod that comes in colors of tan, red, brown, and orange.



Coelophysis are group animals that like to congregate around water and food areas. However, they do not pack up and there are no leaders a no social hierarchy. They don't get a pack boost and just group up for protection and feeding opportunities. They prefer arid deserts and dry lands and while encountering a Coelophysis group, it's almost impossible to spot them, they have the ability to camouflage and therefor hide in plain sight. When the Coelophysis group detects you, they will start swarming from all sides making your items drop on the ground, coming out of camo mode attacking and going back into it and they have a stamina draining bite so running into a group without prep is a mistake. They have a similar outnumbered behavior as the hyaenodon however, Coelophysis don't just run they bolt in the other direction far away from the area and being that there so fast it's very hard to find and track them.



Like many other creatures Coelophysis are too wild to tranq tame and hand feed, so you have to get their eggs. Interestingly Coelophysis keep the eggs in their inventory, and they need to be knocked out to take to the eggs. This is no easy task as Coelophysis have an auto dodge ability (I'll get into that later) and will run if their alone and since their so fast and stealthy it can be hard to even land shoots. Once hatched and tamed Coelophysis is a loyal yet dangerous companion it has a saddle, but you don't need a saddle to ride it.

Their incredible agile able to jump far and run on walls for a short time, pressing the jump button while jumping off walls or jumping will make the Coelophysis do tricks like flipping, spinning etc. Not only does this look cool but doing this 5 times in a row will give Coelophysis a speed and stamina buff that last for 3 minutes.

In combat Coelophysis is a glass canon, even with a saddle Coelophysis is quite easy to kill however, they auto dodge ability which has a chance for them to not take any damage. They can dodge bullets, bites, turret fire, player melee and ranged attacks pretty much anything except for explosions and this dodge chance is determined by a stat usually level is determined how much dodge chance they have the minimum is 5% the max is 75% it can be leveled and mutated but it cannot exceed 75%. Next is the basic attack, as said before it drains stam and does good damage but where this move shines is the buffed damage it gets when you attack creatures from behind. Attacking any and all creature when they are turned away will do massive damage until the creature turns around, if a human turns away any weapon their holding is dropped and biting again will pick up the weapon similar to the whip.

Camouflage it's pretty self-explanatory in cloaks and can't be seen by dinos or turrets. Lasty is the claw stab, by itself it's not the best but feeding it recipes is where this attack works for example feeding it med brews will make the claws inject its victims with med brews or feeding it energy brews will make it inject energy brews this even works with custom recipes. So, you can basically give your Coelophysis a poison claw attack or a health claw attack to heal allies, but the recipe only works once so you have to make multiple recipes for your creature to consume.




I tried going for an assassin creature and I think Coelophysis makes since for it and Coelophysis is very popular, so I think be a good creature for ark. And if this dossier DOES NOT CONVINCE YOU, THIS WILL!



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